Wednesday, May 11, 2011

logan, my brother

to mi hermano logan:
happy birthday brother!
i love you.
i'm pretty sure you don't read my blog but either mom or blair will and they will show you this.

8 reasons why you're an awesome brother:
1. you used to play tickle monster with me and tickled me til i peed my pants.
for some reason, i thought it was fun.
2. you married blair and had annalee and phoebe.
i love those 3 girls so much.
3. you teased me the least when we were younger, thank you,
even though it was because of you i broke my arm when i was 6...not pointing fingers or anything 
4. whenever you see me you call me "kimmm-berlay!"
i kinda like it.
5. you had the biggest head out of us 5 kids as a baby and your pictures show it's cuteness.
6. you live in arizona
that's not really a trait but i am jealous of the fact none the less 
7. you made the coolest twisted balloons like ever.
8. you love playing games and making fun whenever we visit you,
it's so much fun to be around you.

yeah that about sums up my love for you at the moment.
happy birthday brother dearest!


ps- how about you get that video chatting camera to work so we can video chat, eh?
k thanks, bye :)

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