Monday, April 20, 2015

Maximus lately

Super Max, just doing his business.
 At the children's museum, hoarding all the trucks.
 Chocolate milk mess…I've seen something like this before...
Sunday activities: 
a. Train lover. Not so much playing with trains on the tracks, just lining them all up, but it's progress! The trains are out special Sunday activity only
b. Some little boy got too close to the pictures,, it dropped on his head and onto the table and then shattered everywhere. It's amazing how quick as a couple you can get things done when you know there's an urgency to it.

 a. Cutie peeling a cutie, definitely a favorite fruit of his and he peels mine for me too!
b. Cool cat.
 a. Loves wearing his church shoes a bunch of the time
b. Caught the munchkin downstairs chowing down on marshmallows. He got a huge smile on his face when I found him that stinker.
 Watching Cars!
 a. His new little hangout spot
b. Insists on having a million things in his bed with him at night. We call it Maxson's toy box/bed
 lining up trains.
 a. We came home from hutch at 4:30 and he fell asleep like this on the couch in less than 5 minutes while playing on my phone during dinner prep.
b. Good weather=happy momma. Wish our backyard was fenced in :(
 a. Wanted to take his nap in the kitchen. He didn't but he did lay there for quite awhile.
b. A gender reveal cake for our friends, it was a boy!
 Children's museum. His favorite things there would definitely be the apple tree, ambulance, and motorcycle.

 The water station and trying to dry off after the water station, ha.
 I am so so so so so glad we bought this big ol' bounce house at a garage sale. It's been so much fun and all the kids just love it.
a. I saw throughout he video monitor that Max was awake one morning looking out the window, so I ran outside to wave at him. He stared at me confused for awhile and then started yelling "OUT!" I thought it was comical.
b. Somehow this cute picture of Bryson got in here :)

"We do no doubt out mother's knew it" Alma 56

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