Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Twinsies: 6 months

Biggest visible change is how much they want to grab everything! Hair, food, phones, toys, objects, faces, the list goes on. So now when we hold them during dinner it's not nearly as easy as it once was!

Giggling, smiling, talking like crazy

Love chewing on all things toys. Great at grabbing for things and going to town on them.

Pushing up really high to an arched position when on their tummy

Rolling both ways (they both started around 5 1/2 months continually rolling, neither have done tummy to back more than 5 times though). WIth the rolling comes the slight scooting in each direction with their tummies staying in the same place,

Starting to enjoy and not enjoy things. For instance Bryson loves  give open mouthed kisses and gets overly excited when you play that with him but does not want to do the balance standing on casey's hands though and goes totally limp. Quinn loves balance standing on casey's hands on the other hand

Both always hold their bottles completely by themselves, hallelujah. That has seriously freed up my time like crazy, I can daily eat breakfast now before they take their first nap!!!!

Speaking of bottles they both get intensely happy when they see you shaking their bottles getting them ready for the boys to eat. Crying usually subsides, arms and legs begin flapping like crazy. It's really cute.

I don't know how much they're really aware of each other but they do interact with each other just looking and smiling at one another, grabbing faces, rolling on one another, taking toys, it's super duper cute. They're beginning to cry when one is touching the other too much, ha.

Take about 3 naps a day usually 2 one and a half hour ones and another 45 minute one. Go down always by themselves, and don't really use the binky at all, just immediately spit it out. At night they sleep from about 7/8 pm-6:30/7:30 am with one wake up to eat at around 5. At the beginning of April we spent about a week "CIO" because they were waking up way too often and insisted on being fed and I was so dang exhausted something had to give. I think they must have done it fairly easy of waking up and crying for probably less than 15 minutes each and just went back to sleep. Casey and I slept in our family room for about 4-5 days and they were good. I can't quite get them past that last wake up time since it's pretty close to start the day timeI just feed them, hopefully with the coming months of more food they will sleep longer at night.

They're not swaddled anymore, transitioned them to sleep sacks this month which wasn't super bad. I do put their stuffed animal in their bed to hug and squeeze onto which I think helps them.

I nurse them after every nap and before bed and that pesky 4-5 am time and then 4 oz formula after each feeding (except the 4 am one)

But we have started solids in the past couple weeks just here and there for funsies. They're actually super eager to eat more and more and more food. It's me just not wanting to take the time and effort to feed them! The times I have fed them it just takes so much time and effort and I am selfish.

We've really been practicing with them sitting. Now they can actually balance for a second or two without immediately falling over which is a really fun site to see!

Height 27.2 in   72%ile
weight 18#4 oz    64%ile

Height 27 in    64%ile
weight 18#1 oz   61%ile

(Bryson's head is a little bigger than Quinn's, just like all the other amounts, didn't get the numbers,, but they're both around 50% for head)

Now for pictures!!!!!! We took these during Maxson's nap time so sadly he's not in any :( And our bff neighbor helped us too with them, thanks, Kaite!

Bryson's face was too funny not to save.
Bryson is in the light blue and Quinn in the dark blue! These were our first "twin boy" outfit-gifts we received from our bother and SIL, Cody and Camille!

6 months vs 2 weeks!

This first picture of Casey, is to show how awkward it gets holding twins or trying to get situated with twins. It can be quite the juggle at times.
My turn for awkward picture with twins.

This is Bryson's excited face in between giving you kisses, I lurve it.
2 weeks.
vs 6 months!

Oh man how I love my babies!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley D said...

You look so happy Kimber. 6 months is always a big turning point for me, where I feel like things get easier and I start to turn into a human again.

Cherri said...

Way Happy....!

Cherri said...

Way Happy!

Blair said...

They are amazing and you are amazing and i love these pictures. They are SOOOO adorable. And you are as beautiful as ever.