Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter! 2015

Easter is such a happy holiday! We are reminded that just like spring, our bodies will be renewed to beauty and resurrected once again. How incredibly blessed ALL the children of God are to receive this wonderful, beautiful gift. I know my Savior lives, my friends! God is good, He is so very, very good.
What it takes to get the above picture:
1. Balance babies with various body parts: Casey's chin, Kimber's hip.
2. Hide the insane amount of poop that came up Bryson's back with a burp rag and hope it doesn't get on you, baby's pants unnecessary.
3. Maxson's shoes optional
4. One leg balancing shows you are great multitasking mother
5. Both parents must try to grab one of Maxson's hands as to keep him from running away in case the other parent accidentally lets go during pictures.

We will be learning about and remembering our Savior, Jesus Christ today be watching General Cnference live at 10 am/ 2 pm MST. You can join and watch here too!

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Andy Ballstaedt said...

By the way you are looking so so cute Kimber! There was another picture a couple posts back of you at the crepe place. Your skin and rosy cheeks and hair color look so beautifully perfect. Like I was staring.