Thursday, April 23, 2015

Triple stroller LOVE

Let me just tell you how insanely STOKED I am over this stroller. Did I need it? Nope. Did I want it really bad? Yip. I've been keeping my eye on various craigslist areas/states to see if a good one popped up. There's been a few in the Arizona area but they never worked out. I just happened to look in the Omaha area the day a lady put this one up! What are the chances? Luckily I emailed her first because there were people behind me in line, we got it for a great price, and it's in great shape. I love it oh so much because now I can go on walks and all three children will be strapped in. I can actually go on a walk as a break for myself and entertainment for the kids since I won't be battling Max to stand or walk or run or hold my hand, he has to stay put. AND I can go jogging with it! So therefor I can workout outside while the kids are awake and not just during their precious nap time! It's insanely heavy (45 lbs by itself plus 3 kids) so it'll boost my workout, wahoo!) It's kinda hysterically wide. I have to jump up and put all my weight on the bars to pop up the front wheels to turn it. But other than those cons it's a stinking beast and so awesome. I can't wait to take it out more often!!!!!

Casey brought it home but the babies were sleeping and Max was uncooperative so I borrowed my neighbor's cute kids for a test run picture, haha.

That's more like it. 
It's also a good resting place for our 3 babies to be while we hang out outside.
We took it out for its inaugural spin on Monday and I was super pumped for it. I think Maxson greatly enjoyed finally having a seat to sit in after so many months of literally never having one. He climbed right in so eagerly and loved having the babies next to him and then of course had the hugest tantrum when we came home because he, shockingly, wanted to keep going. We just went on a quick super little walk and the one up hill there was BUSTED MY BUTT. I'd say pushing these is about 120 lbs. I felt like one of the football players pushing those huge heavy cement things during a football practice while going up a hill. I'd be lying if I said my butt, thighs, and calves weren't burning at the top, ha. 
 Heel clicks for triple strollers.


Cherri said...

you make me laugh!

The Blackwelders said...

ha. How did you get that much air?