Wednesday, December 12, 2012


i've always wanted to do one of those x photos in x amount of time posts,
but up until all those photos would be pretty boring:
here's me on the computer
here's me eating
here's me watching TV
here's me cleaning
here's me doing nothing
etc, etc.

but now i have something more!
with different activities!!!!

so i decided for 12.12.12 i would take one photo every hour for 12 hours.
here's what life looked life beginning at 10 am for 12 hours each hour:

10- first feeding of the "morning"
11- snuggle time
12- bouncing baby to sleep while playing a video game during his studying break
1- watching my mom help rejuvenate and fix parts of our couch
2- lunch
3- fake sleeping after eating
4- wakey time
5- sleepy time
6- tummy time aka time to wake up to eat time
7- sleepy time
8- chilling out with momma
9- a quick snoozer on granny before eating and heading to bed.

as you can tell there's a little theme of sleeping around this household...

it was a delightful day with this little boy.
he slept way more than usual today,
which is funny because last night's sleeping was spectacular
and then he goes and surprises me and keeps sleeping all day long too.
i'm crossing my fingers and praying that was a growth spurt and the awesome night sleeping tonight will continue (doubtful...but still hopeful).


Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

My goodness I love the last pic of him--so bright eyed! 12-12-12--awesome day!

Shane and Clara said...

so cute. They do sleep alot! and growth spurts....yep.

Its so good to see your mom in pictures. Such a cute Granny she is! She was always the fun Aunt. I'm sure she is loving this time with you and being such a HUGE help. HI Aunt Cherri!

Anonymous said...

OMGOSH! These photos are SO wonderful! Awwww! Happy 12.12.12 Day!