Friday, June 29, 2012

more about this little baby!

thank you so much for all your sweet words!
we are so excited for this year(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
all the changes we have coming our way will be wonderful, but most importantly having a baby and starting our family!
it's been so fun for me all summer looking at people's blogs that have kids.
we just can't wait til the cute kids we play with will be OURS!
my official due date is nov 30th, i'm measuring a little ahead of that so we will see what happens!
the picture i posted yesterday was me at 17 weeks, i believe.
i'm now about 18 1/2.
me post workout, we don't really have ANY mirrors in our place so this is me on my tippie toes!
 the only way to workout is in tank tops around this area or you DIE of humid hotness!
isn't my facial expression awesome? man, i'm cool when i take pictures of myself in the mirror.
i've had the easiest pregnancy of mankind, i feel like,
if it weren't for us hoping to be pregnant i probably wouldn't have known a thing til i was 12 weeks along.
nothing about me has changed except that i now am breaking out like the teenage face i never had to experience.
it's been so fun these last 3 weeks starting to see a difference in that belly area!
with my 5'3" frame there's not much vertical room for that baby so out is really all that's left.

i feel our little boy moves TONS whenever i'm working out.
i didn't workout for the week we were in hawaii plus a few days on each end of the trip.
when i came back it felt like i was running with a fanny pack full of water down there!!!!!
i've gotten used to it now but it was the strangest feeling!
 the whole flutter/kicking sensation is also something you gotta get used to.
at first it was like "i think that's the baby"
then it was like "i think the babies moving...maybe it could stop for awhile, that feels strange..."
and now it's like "hey i think he's moving!? or is that just me nervous hoping he's moving?"
i'll tell you how my feelings change on that subject in the coming months :)

wondering why we waited so long to share the news?
well, let me tell you, it was quite the complicated process.
i really didn't feel like telling anyone til i was 14 weeks along as it was, because like i said, there was no difference in me whatsoever.
but more importantly we weren't able to have a doctor's appt til i was 18 weeks!
graduating from BYU means no more BYU insurance.
8 weeks=finals week
9 weeks= graduation week
10 weeks=traveling week
11 weeks= settling into new jersey week
12 weeks= still settling into new jersey week
also, if i had gone to the doctor while still on BYU insurance and been officially pregnant,
a new insurance company would not have liked that.
we learned that if there's no officialness of it through a doctor, you're not legally pregnant on forms.
so the waiting began to be accepted onto insurance.
waiting and waiting and waiting.
while we were in hawaii i turned to casey and said, "i don't want to wait for insurance anymore, i just want to go to the doctor!!!"
low and behold the 1st sunday we were back we learned that the insurance was officially approved!!!

so we began looking around at places here in NJ and that whole monday i was a bawling mess of tears.
i must clarify, we have insurance but it does not cover maternity insurance, which we were totally prepared for.
so as we're calling around to places (we as in casey because i couldn't get a grip on myself after the first place i called) telling them our situation (2 months here, no maternity insurance, yada yada) they're giving us quotes.
and the quotes they're giving us are astronomical for 2 visits!
into the thousands, people, and that was all the places
i've had a few siblings who've had to pay for babies and they gave us estimates of what to expect.
and boy were they WAY OFF!
again, there's me crying and crying and crying thinking "why did we go to hawaii! we should have saved the money!" "why didn't my siblings tell me the truth of how much it'd cost?" "why why why!?!?!"

so then casey calls this one place in nebraska asking what kind of blood work i need to get done if we were to come to their office in the fall.
after a half hour of talking to them about pricing, visits, etc, we decided it'd be more cost effective to FLY me to nebraska for my visits!
can you believe that?!?!?!!?!?
also, all the people we talked with on the phone from nebraska were a bajillion time nicer than the new jersians.
i can't begin to tell you how grateful i am that we'll be living in nebraska the next 4 years and not new jersey, ha.
the nebraska prices are crazy lower and exactly what we thought we'd be paying.
i flew to nebraska on tuesday and was able to see that precious baby moving and kicking!
more about our 1st appt/nebraska day for another day!!!!

thank you again for all your sweet wishes!

oh and here's his first and only clothes we have so far!
we picked up a little boy and girl outfit in hawaii!
ps- i FINALLY have gone through my hawaii pictures and will be sharing them next week!
all the little boy ones were so ugly.
i'm pretty sure we looked at every shop at the swap meet but FINALLY found a cute one!
happy we looked so hard because now i can't for him to wear it!!!!!!!!


Scott and Jamie said...

I had close to the same problem when I was pregnant with my last one, Brock. I was switching insurances from HIP to medicaid and because it took so dang long for them to do that, I wasn't seen until I was 17 weeks along, so I found out the gender at the 1st appointment as well. I was just glad it was still alive. I'll tell ya, I tried to go anywhere to just hear a heartbeat so I knew he/she was alive. Insurance sucks, so glad we're done with school and can now pay for good insurance. Sorry you had such a hard time, sorry you're just starting the school thing, but if you need help just msg me on FB!

Scott and Jamie said...

Oh, and we're really excited for you guys to be parents and enjoying a whole new world!

Jessie said...

You look great! Coconut oil is antibacterial - and since acne is a bacterial infection, it can clean it out! Just use it as you would a moisturizer (don't stop at your's great as an all-over-body moisturizer!) It's also a tad-bit of a sunscreen! Eating it is great too!
P.S. I didn't pay a cent for my homebirth! We just had to apply for an "in for out of network authorization" because we had no out of network benefits on our plan. Depends on the midwife, of course, but it's generally way cheaper than a hospital birth.
So excited for you!

LaraMackenzie said...

So, so cute. You and the baby outfit. Man, New Jersey is just not impressing me from your posts! So yay for Nebraska! Have you ever watched The Business Of Being Born? It's on Netflix, and I watched it a few months ago. I loved it. It's totally granola, but I kind of like that. It's about midwifery. Pretty intense. But the point is, my mother had a midwife for one of her pregnancies, and loved it. Don't ask why single me has been thinking about it, but I'm totally interested. So there ya go. There's a movie suggestion. :)

Brooke said...

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how excited I am that you're having a boy!!!! Can't wait for cutie cutler to make his appearance!!!

Melanie said...

I can't imagine how hard it was to wait and figure out the insurance, I'm sorry! So glad it worked out though. Baby boys are so much fun, I'm so happy for you guys!! You look great too!