Thursday, June 21, 2012

7 points of our life lately that i want to remember, the good, bad and ugly

i'm still too lazy to go through our pictures and do a hawaii post,
it will come later.

for now, random things lately.

1. the fireflies are out and beautiful!
they are so magical and wonderful i can't think of anything i like more about NJ

2. speaking of NJ, i officially am done with it.
ha, we came home from our trip and after 2 days i said out loud "i hate this place."
ha, i know pitiful me, but it's true!
mostly just because of the bugs i've been finding lately... ha
i'm just not a fan of the area.
i cannot wait to get ourselves back to the west.
nebraska can't come soon enough!!!!!
enough with my complaining, it has actually treated us really well and i should be more grateful for it.
i'm grateful for the experience and grateful i'm not here the next 4 years :)

3. i finished reading stephanie nielson's heaven is here, it was wonderful.
do read it when you have the chance.
other books of lately the ivy chronicles by karen quinn, very funny and completely crazy.
a book about THE CRAZY RICH people who live in NY and what they'd do to get their 4/5 year old in a good private school, ha, what a joke!!!!!!!
and bloom, by kelle hampton, do you read her blog?
well it was a beautifully written book and so inspiring to love.
next up: these is my words...

4. got an email from shake shack thanking me for my blog post!
what that's, twice in 2 months!
maybe i should keep blogging about places i eat at and they'll find my blog and give me more freebies!!!!!

5. i've decided i'd rather take 118 degree weather over any 90 degree humidity.
dry heat is so much more bearable than humid hot.
like for reals, people.
the last 2 days have been hot hot hot, and stupid me works out outside,
the grass that is shaded is little relief from the direct sun bc it's just more humid on the grass in the shade.
wo is me.
poor, wonderful husband, he works outside during the hottest part of the day :(

6. speaking of hot,
what the freak i'm so mad,
firstly, you don't open the pool til june 26
and then secondly, you want me to pay to go the pool ($75 for 1 person!!!!!!!!!) in the complex that i already pay rent for!?!!?!
you have got to be flipping kidding me.
new jersey is not on my good side...

7. lastly, on a happier note, my favorite moments from AZ while we were gone on the trip:
the 6 hours we played with nieces and nephews in AZ, we had such a blast.
i miss being around family, or at least semi close enough to drive to them.
well, the two most memorable moments:
A. casey, phoebe, and annalee in their swimsuits outside in the hot sun.
casey is squatted as low as he can go and the little ones follow because that's just what they do, they follow.
holding the hose.
teaching them how to drink out of it.
probably one of my most favorite moments i've seen thus far in my life.
something about it was just so perfect.
no picture, but i'll forever remember it.
B. we're all inside, trying to get swimsuits and sunscreen on the kiddlings.
casey, phoebe, tristan, and a little boy blair babysits all huddled around an ottoman in the family room.
their attention is completely on casey.
no wiggling, yelling, or anything.
just interested with what casey was doing.
later i came to find out that he was making them each do a "trick" he wanted them to do and then he'd give them a skittle.
boy i do love that man of mine...

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Cherri said...

Yes you have a fantastic husband and he has a fantastic wife.... FIREFLYS! I'm so jealous.... my one experience with them was magical also. Did not know that NJ had them.