Monday, June 4, 2012

there ARE such things as FREE things in life

we've learned new jersians pretty much just throw good stuff away.
since we're only out here a little over 3 months,
we really didn't bring much with us nor are we wanting to buy stuff out here in fear we won't be able to fit it in our car.

but if something is free,
that is a different story!
i present to you our free stuff (thus far) in new jersey:

1. a really large (and heavy) wonderful working TV
2. a cute little TV stand
3. a decent sized area rug that was in really great condition
4. a desk that i'll be sewing for my sewing machine!
not pictured:
5. a microwave
6. a new 5 pound weight for me to workout with
and things we've gotten to sell on craigslist:
7. a double stroller
8. a brand new baby car seat
 and other little things!
smart and frugal?

speaking of our little apartment,
i did that whole print out a ginormo picture of yourself idea on pinterest the other day.
if we were going to be here more than 2 moreish months, i'd have done the mounting part,
but we're not.
so i just straight up tacked it to the wall.
it's fun.
and HUGE.
(and it's only like $5 people so go do it!)

speaking of free things,
see that iPad?
casey's doing way awesome this summer and sometimes gets free things for being really good at his job.
thanks vantage, you rock.


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Kimber you didn't say WHERE you got all the free furniture!!! I must know!