Tuesday, June 5, 2012

bahama bucks

what in the world am i doing posting about bahama bucks when we live in new jersey?
well i will share!

a few weeks ago i got an email from a lady which said something like:

"hi kimber, i'm with bahama bucks franchise headquarters in texas. we ran across your blog and love that you guys love buck's so much! what's your address so we can send you some buck's goodies?"

not kidding you, when i read the email i was tearing up over pure joy and excitement!
i called casey and told him about the email and he could barely understand me because i was squealing the info at him.
we called and told some family and were just SO EXCITED over the whole ordeal!

bahama bucks knows that we exist!!!!!!

 seriously, we just couldn't contain our excitement.
about a week later our box of goodies came and we were just so crazy excited to see it all!

i now present, our bahama buck's treasure:
playing cards
the awesome magic spoons
a carribeaner
BB decals
s squishy toy for our future children
a girl hat
a beanie
a back pack

and a nice note, hand written  from the bahama bucks president saying he liked our blog.

we will actually be in az for a half day in a week and a half and will definitely be going over and having some of our favorite shaved ice!
this time i'm going to get the sweetart flavor!!!!

so people, if you;re in az this summer, please go, please think of me, and please email/text me a picture of yourself.
it will just make my day.


Shane and Clara said...

WOW! THat is awesome that Bahama Bucks found YOU!

Fun freebees!

And it sounds like you guys are seeing fun sights while you are in the North East! Way to go!.... Enjoy Life and the place you are at for the moment!(because it won't last forever. :)

curtis and jacque dana said...

That's SO AWESOME!!! Seriously every time we go there I think of you b/c I love how much you blog about BB(:

Brittany said...

Sweet! Yay for freebies!