Friday, February 5, 2016

All in a mornings work

Clean laundry dumped everywhere (this was after I got it all off the stairs and put half of it away)
Shoe box explosion as Max tried to find the ONE pair he wanted
5 minutes of unsupervised entertainment of my 3 is our closet = shoes exploding.
I thought they were bounce housing but really they were just making a disaster of my cans.
Not pictured, the box of 9 puzzles strewn everywhere 

I kid you not, all those messes were made in the span of less than 2  hours. Sigh.

IN other unhappy news my children are the terrorizers of everyone else's children. When with friends I can be watching my children like a hawk, turn to tell a friend something, and 4 seconds later my friend's child is crying because one of mine is doing something awful to them in the brief second I looked away, I AM NOT EXAGGERATING. It's awful and I can't keep up on all of them and I feel so bad and I'm trying to keep them all under control but it doesn't work and I probably seem like that neglectful parent who let's their children hurt others but between my 3 kids my time is filled with stopping them to stop tormenting another child. And as always, I SWEAR MINE ARE THE MAIN ONES WHO ARE CAUSING THE TROUBLE. It doesn't matter what age the other kids are, younger, older, baby, my children can always figure something out a way to get them to cry: stand by them, take a toy, hit them, look at them, touch them, push them, take their food/drink. It's exhausting being THAT mom of THOSE kids no one else wants their kids around.

Rant over.

Pity Party over

Hope it's going better for you.


Joe and Jocelyn Sigety said...

Kids are so humbling. I never wanted to be THAT mom, before kids I would always scoff and say "my kids will never act like that, or be the bully". Pshhhhhhh enter my son Henry, I was asked to come into nursery EVERY week to supervise him. So. Fun. So. Fun. Oh well.

Cherri said...

The refiners FIRE

Megan said...

I'm certain you're not "that mom." You are a rockstar mommy and I'm super impressed with your parenting skills! Hugs to you!!

Jared and Rachel Judy said...

I know there is no such thing as controlling children, so please don't feel bad around me! And I think you are an awesome mom!