Wednesday, February 24, 2016

In the picture

Here's the last week's in the picture series!

My first mall walk with the boys went splendid
The next day was warm enough to go to the park! Heart emoji's for days!

Breakfast in the morning, unsuccessfully keeping my cereal away from the babies.

Shadows. those are 2 babies.

Max and Casey were out of town so I got to bond with the babies on our walk!

Max still MIA, babies LOVE the diffuser...too much sometimes.

Late night Sunday selfie.

Digging holes!

Helping mama sew a new throw pillow cover!


Blair said...

I love all these pictures of you with your kids. And you're so photogenic. I am not, however, so being in the picture is not so great for me. :(

Cherri said...

YUMMY memories!