Saturday, February 27, 2016

An inaugural VLOG for my BLOG

Things are getting a little changed around here! I've started a new public instagram account, @sliceofkimber as well as joining in to sharing doTERRA essential oils! Hold the phone, hippie oils? I know, right?! But just hear me out! It's a lot of new stuff and feelings and opinions behind it all so I wanted to share it video style with you all!

So head on over to sliceofkimber on instagram, you can see my February oils promo, ends in just a couple days! And all next week is HAIR week on the gram with a few special contributors sharing their expertise knowledge! It's going to be really fun.

ALSO I've joined the world of periscope, it's kinda fun :) So go over there and find me @kimbercutler

If you want to learn more about oils (like I said, just give it a chance! Just listen to a class once!) Drop me a message in some form and I we'll find a class time that works best for you, just you and me chatting or a small class or whatever. I'm flexible if you're flexible. Remember oils ARE NOT just for hippies. They're for normal people like me (and you!) and I promise you can find a use for them and need them in your home for one reason or another!

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