Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Halloween!

We were so excited to dress up this year! Oh the possibilities of all the family members! Our big bad wolf was none other than our Patriarch Casey, 3 adorable little pigs, 1 brick house, and 1 split house of both stick and straw (with Sprinkles as the roof because Katie's father brings us excess amounts of random things like sprinkles)

 We first went trick or treating at the dental school which was oh so much fun. In true Dental fashion we loaded ourselves up on toothbrushes! Maxson also got LOADS of candy from all the sweet employees. Casey's was so excited to take our family around to everyone he knew. They were all dressed up as "worker bees", it was super cute.
 That night we went to trunk or treat at the church. It was kind raining though so it got moved into the gym and was COMPLETELY CHAOTIC. Ha, way too many people in a small area. The line was essentially at a stand still going around the room since there were so many people. But it was still fun to see all our ward friends and family!
 Bryson // Straw house side
 Stick house side
 Quinn was obsessed with the candy bowl

 I didn't get to take pictures of all our friends' family costumes like I usually do which was a bummer because there were so many good ones! These were the only ones I got, The despicable me gang and a cute little tortoise and the hare :)


 Pink shirts borrowed from neighbors and SIL, overalls, pig hats from here (for less than $4! each)

Red flannel shirt, fur from Joann's pinned onto chest, ankles, and wrists, wolf hat from Goodwill.

Diaper boxes, tape together one side of flaps to make longer, on the other end cut off two flaps for arms to go through and shape for arm pit shape to feel more comfortable, use those two cut off flaps to connect over shoulders and tape like crazy! We just painted the brick house, used regular old sticks for the stick house (with  TON of Elmer's glue), and corn husks found in a corn field for the straw house (again a ton of glue!)

My hopes are that the wolf and pig hats can be used for years to come in dress up!

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