Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The adventures of Maxson and Chloe // Fall in Nebraska

Chloe is our next door neighbor. Her and Max are attached at the hip. They both love each other so stinking much. If one spots the other they run to each other yelling the other's name and embrace for a big hug, it's pretty much adorable. Chloe was sick recently for awhile and Max was devastated he couldn't play with her, he just kept asking and asking and asking if she could come play outside. I'm so happy we get such amazing friends to live right around us!

They helped me carve this pumpkin to cook dinner in it, neither one was willing to touch the guts inside, I was so surprised they're both usually oh so brave!
Our dinner in a pumpkin recipe via Mel's kitchen cafe.

Preschool shenanigans

 The campus near us had this tree celebrations thing we went to. Max only cared about being around Chloe most of the time. Katie taught us all about the true story of Smokey the Bear, that girl knows so much random information, it's amazing. The kids thought touching the bear was pretty cool. They made bug hats and collected lots of swag.

 Max and Chloe helped plant a tree!
 Halloween cookie decorating.
 Max poured at least half a bottle of sprinkles on his cookie, ha that boy.
 Max and Chloe helped me make the babies birthday cakes! They were super eager and excited to help.
 Ventured to the library story time for their special fire fighter day. Glories I did not take the babies because Max had 2 melt downs whilst there, ooy. But he LOVED the fire truck and their fire gear.

 Getting ready for Halloween!
 More leaf playing, the videos I have of them on this are super cute.
 Christy invented a new activity the kids kicking leaves off branches that had fallen from the tree, the kids loved  it, and now hope of it every time

Max is hilariously naughty at times. Sometimes extremely frustratingly naughty but sometimes hilarious. Boy has got a determined mind of his own. His speaking is getting better and better, he still has a hard time enunciating perfectly but I understand nearly everything he says as well as other parents, I think he'll get better with time. He has so much passion energy and excitement for life. He's the boy in the group running, going, doing, leading, I just need to learn how to harness his energy and love for all things life a little better. I'm already cursing winter in my mind for forcing us to stay cooped up inside! The extended warm days of fall have SAVED us immensely. This boy LIVES to go play outside. I hope so badly we get to move to a fenced in backyard that is fun for the kids to play in.

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