Thursday, November 26, 2015

Oh hi.

Yesterday Casey told me I hadn't blogged in a while, 12 DAYS! Ha! That certainly is a long while for me, let's just go through random thoughts as of lately.

Hello, Wyoming! We left Monday after Casey's test and drove to Laramie, Wyoming for an Casey to interview at an office. It was so fun to visit our bff Christopherson's while there, we love them so much. Our babies are tiny little giants compared to their baby girl, it's hilarious. Max goes hog wild over playing with friends and especially new toys. It was just so great to visit them.

The next morning we drove to Casper and interviewed with another dental office up there and again got to visit some of our super great friends, the Milmonts, who graduated 2 years ago. They just bought this huge old home straight out of the 70's that they have big renovation plans for, it was so much fun walking through and hearing her vision on it all. I cannot wait to be able to go back and see the changes! Max was in love with their dog, their backyard, the endless room to run around, and Adam's motorcycle. Little boy heaven house right there which is ironic since it is a home full of girls.

Driving across Wyoming is always interesting to me. The whole state is pretty different, mountainous regions, flat regions, hills, rocks, trees, it's all very different. On the drive out the time around I thought that as I looked out that was the true untouched earth that our Heavenly Father created for us to live on. When I thought of it that way Wyoming seemed a lot prettier than before.

We are now at the wonderful Cutler's home anticipating the homecoming of Casey's dear younger sister, Tayli, from her 18 month mission for our church! We cannot wait to see her! She doesn't arrive until late Saturday night, it will be a long week waiting.

The kids LOVE having so much space to roam around in. I am beyond eager to move out of our small little home, surely we will all be happier with more space to play in during our days at home.

Tonight we watched a Christmas movie with Casey's family while addressing Christmas cards, tis the season!

Quinn is LOVING walking these days. I turn around and more often than not his little body is toddling itself around the house and walking, it's so freakishly adorable, I love it.

Bryson is right there behind him, about 2 weeks behind him I'd say. He takes a lot more encouragement but he's up to about 8 wobbly steps!

Maxson could just play hard all day. I wish I had an avenue that he could do that all day, a huge yard, a huge house, etc (Disneyland with no lines and a super energetic parent, you get my drift). That boy just goes goes and goes. It's fun and exhausting to watch him.

Casey has interviewed with a couple dental office now and will still talk to a few others in the coming months. As I walked into an interview with him this week to check out the office real quick with him before he interviewed it was one of those surreal moments when I looked up at him and thought "Oh my goodness, here we are. Casey's all dressed up in a tie walking confidently into a dental office to see if this is the fit for us (him) to work in the near future. A job! Questions in his mind, opportunity on the cusp" It was pretty awesome. I am insanely proud of that man and all his handwork for our family. I can't believe I convinced such an amazing guy to marry me still, ha!

Did I mention we celebrated our 6th anniversary last week on the 21st? We did. It was amazing. A night and morning away from the kids at a hotel and movie and dinner. It was so fabulous. I love him so much. (thank you Katie for watching the kids! She's our heaven sent gift in this life right now, I swear. We owe her so much!)

I'm tired now, and going to go to bed. I don't feel like adding pictures, maybe later :)

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