Sunday, August 30, 2015

arizona {part 1}

I'm going to skip ahead and do Arizona pictures before Cali ones because I'm not yet done going through the bunch! So we did Wyoming, we traveled through Utah, we spent a week in Cali, and then we spent a week and a half in Arizona visiting more family! We had a bunch of fun. We bought POGO passes since we'll be there 3 times over the next year and figured we'd totally get our money's worth for them which we have already just after 1 visit! We spent time with my family and Casey's brother, my only regrets are that I wish we had gotten more time in Arizona and didn't get sick the last 4-5 days! the last weekend there all of us but Casey had  fever at some point, the babies' could have started from teething, and those runny noses eventually led to an ear infection for them both and it was just so sad. Being sick is the pits. I hate it. BUT we still had fun in Arizona melting in that beloved heat!

Naughty LOUD babies at church who force us out of meetings, ha. I could feel so many eyes watching us with our bunch of children as we were strangers there.
We went to a Diamondbacks game with my brother, Logan, and his wife, Blair, on our POGO passes. Very fun indeed. Max did great for being 2 years old and loved riding the train into the downtown area.
Biggest corn dogs eeeeeeeever.

 Max loved these big bobble heads, loved

A day at Sunsplash! So much stinking fun. My wonderful mother decided to stay home at the last minute with the twins and that was the best decision ever, bless her heart, it made the day so much more fun!

We went with Casey's brother's family and had the best time with them, I sure lucked out with these inlaws!
Picture on right is our group picture from Sunsplash, go team! Max LOVED the big rides so much, at least the ones he could go on. So happy I married an adventurous guy like myself so we can go do fun things together!
Picture on the left is dear old Dentist Casey filling a cavity of mine, ha! Cody was kind enough to let me come into the office and get my teeth checked out really quick, I was worried I had a cavity on one side of my mouth, turns out it was the other side. Cody and Casey worked as a team with Cody overlooking Casey's work. It was fun to have these two work as a duo!
Ma boys. So fun watching the twins constantly go to the play room to play with toys and be around Max, I count my lucky stars to have these 3 so close in age!
Spent an evening with Scott and Megan which was so fun as usual. Their dog cleaning up after the babies was a plus, ha.
Went to this amazing pool with the YSA group, that front pool is all a warmed kiddie pool, how awesome, right?! Behind that umbrella is a huge rope swing, again, so cool again, right?!
Talk about big dreams!
Time at Cody and Camille's! These 3 babies were so funny to watch eat together. 
Jaden left for school so Casey felt the obligation to finish the vide game for him while the children ran a muck.
Went to a little DQ action with the gang for a fundraiser at Jaden's school.
 One Friday night we got to go on a the funnest date I'd been on in such a long time! Logan and Blair joined us at a rock climbing gym while my parents watched. It is definitely a fun activity I'd LOVE to be able to do more of. Felt great to be active using my body, working as a team, doing something new and active and challenging. Such a great time. We next went to the National Comedy Theater for a really hilarious (clean!) comedy show that we laughed so hard at. Cody and Camille met up with us there! Both these were on our POGO passes, a forever thanks to Bailey and Alexa for watching the kidssssss!

 Cousin dinner! Look at all them blondes!

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