Thursday, August 27, 2015

Summer break // {part Wyoming}

Are you guys ready for our epic summer recap? Prepare yourselves for a bunch of shallow blog posts that look like  we had the best time ever, no fighting, no crying, no tantrums, no haughtiness, no complaining, no problems, al perfection. Because that's what these summer recaps makes life seem like at times, but trust me, all this fun we had took a lot of work and sacrifice and dedication on our part to make it happen and there's sometimes a lot of drama that happens behind it all but we're not perfect and we're learning and the fun stuff is more more exciting to document than all 3 children crying at the same time during mama's supposed nap time.

bed head hair is the best hair
Quinny makes me laugh, his eyebrows are cutest when they go up and feign surprise.
tubby time for the boys. Grammie C will forever and always be the queen of bath time, it's like her favorite thing.
messy lunch time, always. QB
Bryson at the park.
So excited to be at Cafe Rio! We love that food, it's just so delicious! We even braved it with all the kids and it worked out well enough. The babies couldn't help but eat and eat and eat!
a. A rare moment that I rocked a baby to sleep on accident but then oozed in the cuddle and soaked it up for as long as I possibly could, man how I love holding and cuddling these babies!
This road sign made me laugh out loud. My brother's name is Scott, so Casey sent out a mass text to my family with this picture and said #stinks. I was dying.
Sweet new sunglasses! The babies won't keep them on but they are s funny to put on them even just momentarily!.

Tayli's room got a new King size bed! We are very very excited for her and that room, ha. This now means that everywhere we travel will have a king size bed for us, heaven!  We seriously need to do some investing!
Sprinkler time with Aunt Karlee.

torture-tickling Bryson. So fun listening to his little laugh!
Love finding Max showing the babies how he's playing with his toys.

coloring time with Grammie
FHE under the wide open sky on the trampoline with the family eating the most delicious rice Krispie treats!

Feeding frenzy.
a. stoked over my birthday present from dear Casey!
b. Watching the trains at the station. A big highlight for Max I'd say.

Sweet little cuddles with my Bryson. One hard part of twins is that when you're having sweet one on one time with one, there's likely another at your feet who isn't get any time and it makes me feel bad every time.
a. Park night with family- Quinny
b. Cute little Bryson.
a. Twinsies.
b. Normal life with babies. You say you're just going to do something really quick but the babies decide your quick lasted much too long and so it's time to climb all over you and each other for your attention.
Park night.
b. Max was constnly stealing Grammie's drink. I think it was usually just water but he loved that it was in one of those cool cups with a big old straw.
b. Those Wyoming skies sure were beautiful while there!

Fruit pizza. I cooked and baked a lot while in Wyoming, the treats especially more than normal, because people were around to help watch the kids and I could work in the (HUGE) kitchen unstressed!
Putting babies to sleep at church is so hard sometimes. But this sweet little sleeping face is well worth it (not to mention the time you can listen to the teacher while NOT entertaining a baby!)
Aunt and uncles with no kids = STELLAR.
Realizing they can climb stairs! Oh what fun is in store for us!
a. Took a picture of Maxson doing dishes. Our conversation went thus:
Max: help!
Kimber: help with what?
Max: help Max!
I loved it :)
Did I mention how much I loved having a tramp in the backyard with an enclosed area? Life changing for sure. He played out side SOOOOO much while there and it was fun for us to play WITH him outside!
Karlee and Nan were the best helpers those 3 weeks. Seriously they gave me such a break helping and playing with the babies! We sure missed them once we had to leave! BQ
a. See exhibit a of Nan and baths yet again. The best I tell ya.
b. Grammie instigated this awesome sticker chart with max while we were to work on him saying YES and not his stinking NO so much. He sure caught onto it and loved getting those stickers! It helped a ton. He got to choose two prizes from her special bag of toys and he was very very happy! We've since continued a little superstar chart here at home!
Saying good bye to this wonderful group!

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