Friday, August 28, 2015

traveling and visiting friends

After our wonderful time in Wyoming, we trekked through Utah making multiple, also very wonderful, stops on our way!

We met up with a bunch of my cousins in the Utah area. So wonderful to be with family I haven't seen in so long! Love these people very much! We got to work and made plans for an official Woodruff reunion for next year, it's been a few years getting the ball rolling again!
The kids had a blast in that stinking fun backyard.
The twins holding the twins! Sarah and Casey were seriously the best this evening. Once I got to the house Casey (not my husband Casey, cute little girl cousin Casey) literally swept a baby out of my hands without asking and was constantly playing with a baby all evening. She was the cutest. Once her baby began crying, she's give him back to me and quickly search for the other happy baby. Sarah and Casey were definitely a highlight of the evening.
All the kids on the tramp with Brigham
Serious business going down with the cousins.
Playing at our bff Jocelyn and Henry's house. When we walked in Henry said "Hi Max, I like your yellow hair". It was awesome. W called the boys tornado and volcano because seriously, they both are crazy, destructive, high energy (all those words are meant in a good way, right? ha).
We got to take Karlee down to St. George with us on our way to California for her to stay with friends. Poor girl was squished in the back of the van! Bless her heart for all the crying of children she endured.
But we were happy to be on our trip none the less!
We hung out with my brother Weston and his awesome family for a morning in Mapleton and met my sweet little niece Ella! Such a great group!
These little blonde boys had the same interest in everything, trains, bikes, toys, oh boy.
a. Does Weston even look like my brother? Not sure, but it's always fun to be with him, he is just so darn awesome and hilarious, everyone loves Weston.
Abby and Britton were great helpers with the twinsies (and their dog was heaven sent in cleaning up after the babies' messes!!!!)

cute baby Ella!

Visited Grandpa Woodruff in St George and got see Uncle David and Aunt Lynnae's wonderful family! (I'm telling you, we made all the rounds!)
a. Loved coming up to the door of my friend Brooke and seeing this awesome note while her child was screaming inside, oh the irony.
b. a very grumpy trip to McDonalds for us all when every child was misbehaving immensely and were at a level 1 million noise wise. It's funny to look back on NOW
Visiting my bff Brooke in SLC! Man I love that girl so much it hurts. 

Then in Arizona I met up with the other 2 girls of our high school crew, Amy and Nicole, which was so much fun! This Christmas all 4 of us will be together for the first time since my wedding!!!!!! Someone is always missing!
Next was a meet up with these long time friends, Annie and Brandi. We went to ALL our years of schooling together (well I didn't get to go to high school with them but we still hung out a ton during those years). Funny enough all our children are within months of being born of each other, 7 kids under 3 years old, we are awesome. It's been so fun having other girlfriends in the exact same stage of life as myself and being able to laugh over dumb stuff and relate. So crazy we were once all wee little  2nd and 3rd graders together!
Of course the kids found different stick like objects to fight together with, eye roll, the fight-playing never stops and he's only TWO!

That's a wrap up of all the friend and family gatherings!

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