Monday, August 31, 2015

the beach! {part 1} beach play

Ah the beach. 

How I love the beach. 

Even though our kids aren't that ideal age to have fun we still DID have fun! The beach is just that fun. It took a lot of effort getting us all down there (food, bottles, diapers, swim stuff, towels, toys, sunscreen, cameras, strollers,, more food, baby carriers. I'm telling you, the list is endless) it is so much fun when we were there on the beach. Max LOVED playing in the sand. Seriously LOVED it. The first day he liked the water for 5 minutes, got a little in his mouth and then HATED the water with a venomous wrath the rest of the day and the whole next day until the last hour we were there. Luckily we had SIX full days to play at the beach so all was well! THe first day when I was out in the water boogie boarding I yelled to Max and waved a big happy "hi!" to him. He took one monstrous step forward with a foot and yelled "NOOOOOO!!!!!!!" with all big might. He really hated the water the first day, so funny. 

The rest of the days he happily played in the water, jumped in the waves, ran away from the waves, he just couldn't get enough of it accompanied with the sand playing. This boy was in heaven. We even got him to boogie board a tiny bit on the little waves. He didn't love it but he kept doing it over and over when we force-asked him too. 

The babies of course ate tonsssssssssss of sand. I was shocked at how much they loved the water too. Not crying a bit with how cold it was. We actually were lucky and had full warmth sun everyday at the beach which warmed the water a tad and they just loved it. So cute to watch!

Casey and I traded off between watching Max, watching babies, and boogie boarding when anyone was willing t watch the kids or the babies were sleeping. Boogie boarding is just so stinking fun for me. It's exciting being pushed with so much power and just flying forward. Definitely a great time together out there. A couple days my parents watched the kids at the time share during a nap while Casey and I ran down to the beach with only our boogie boards in hand for a quick run together. Love these kind of activities with this guy. He makes my heart full and extremely happy.

We had the best time with my parents and Kirk and Whitney. They helped so much with the kids. It would have been completely IMPOSSIBLE with just Casey and I. I have the most fond memories of the beach with my family growing up and I'm grateful my parents are providing an opportunity for my own little family to have fun right there next to them.

Blair and Logan's family were there the first couple days which was of course ultra fun. Wish they could have stayed the whole time! 

And now I present to you a plethora of beach pictures at Carlsbad State beach!



This sandy dark bum crack had us all laughing.

Casey taught the kids how to catch the little kids and they LOVED it

 More to come!


Jessie and Austin said...

So fun! I love the one of just you and your mom <3

Cherri said...

so fun I need a book

Cherri said...

so fun I need a book