Monday, February 10, 2014

triumphs of a 1 year old

finding that moms phone and the computer are in reachable distance and unused by momma
 photo IMG_8938_zps57a1821e.jpg
left: showing your friend people you see out the window
right: balancing in high places
 photo IMG_8919copy_zps7255354d.jpg
left: looking borderline homeless as lunch is eaten
right: learning a new function on a toy you've had for almost a year
 photo IMG_8905copy_zps9376e508.jpg
getting moms attention while she's cooking/doing dishes
(his new method of getting my attention is squeezing himself between my legs and the cabinet and then pushing with all his might for me to move away see picture on the left. he's surprisingly strong.)
 photo IMG_8894copy_zps01bb3b47.jpg
getting the trumpet to make noises finally!
you have to blow while simultaneously pushhing down one of the buttons on top, pretty complicated i tell ya.
 photo IMG_8932_zps64647c2b.jpg
this isn't a triumph, more of a challenge.
but trying to keep your toy while stealing your friend's…
 photo IMG_8915_zpsbc9ab695.jpg

others to note:

finding your belly button.

taking baths

finding the locked cabinet left open by mom when she's not watching

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Blair said...

I have to say that I love this post! Well, I love all your posts. I wish there was a "like" button so you would know that I read it and loved it every time. Commenting takes so much more effort! But thank you for always posting because I love reading your blog. I also loved your post about 10 good and bad things about the cold. And your post about distractions. All good stuff. Great pictures too. love you.