Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 SnapShot 1

so i'm kinda into blogging. i am on year SIX of blogging, crazy or what??? And in the past 6 years i average 15 posts a month, always, isn't that crazy? through years i find new fun, inspiring blogs to follow but i also go back through blogs i follow and ask myself "is this blog really inspiring me, is this blog valuable of my time?" sounds bratty, but it's true. kimber time is limited so i want it to be as high quality as i can get.

one of my all time favorite blogs i follow right now is 71toes. her life seems so different than mine right now, yet i know i'll be there in just a few years. mom of 5 tween-teenagers, living in arizona, renovating a new house, so crazy and active and busy outside of the home. but amidst all of that, she values motherhood and family life to the utmost priority, i just love it. i totally want to be her someday.

one of her recent posts was a "snapshot" of the year as of right now, she does it every year. i wish i had started this idea when i started my blog, but alas i did not. better to start late than never. i know i'm going to love looking back at these snapshots through all my future years just like she does hers! i also am going to do a mid year/summer snapshot since its so different then too. so here we go!:

I spend 90% of my time at home playing with maxson. that sentence sounds really boring but it's our stage right now and i love it, plus it's almost always FREEZING outside.

maxson is the most sporadic sleeper. never wakes up at the same time but always goes to bed around 8:30-9 in hopes that will give momma some opportunity to sleep in. sleep-in to me is 8 am. i do not function before 8 am with the utmost reason. so if max wakes up before 8 i try to send him downstairs with casey while he eats/gets ready in the morning. and then at 8 am casey calls to me to say he's leaving and that i should probably come down and supervise our child, or max comes back upstairs to my bed to terrorize me.

for breakfast max always eats a banana with either mini wheats/pancakes/waffles/oatmeal. i try to change it up. i'll make a big batch of pancakes/waffles and freeze them to use during the next month, i really like doing that instead of buying them pre-frozen. my breakfast varies from cereal to protein smoothies. 

sometimes i muster enough energy to work out in the mornings right after breakfast. if i put my work out clothes on right when i wake up this is often accomplished more easily. the days i workout i surprisingly have more energy to go through my day and accomplish more, it's great. it's just finding that energy in the first place sometimes. max is a trooper when i workout, seriously. he just watches me and smiles/laughs at my exercises, or walks around aimlessly around me, or kinda chases my feet while i move around, or if i'm on the ground doing push-ups/abs he gets on me to add resistance, we make a good team.

then usually i'll go bout cleaning the house. ideally i'd like the house spic and span clean every night, but more often than not we just don't do it. i don't completely mind waking up to tons of dishes to do though since the mornings is when i have my most energy to do house work anyways. so we clean up the house real good in the morning for it to last until lunch and i lose all my energy again. it's like the pride cycle but should be called the housework cycle.

most days casey is at school from 8-5 with a 1 hour lunch break at home at 12, i LOVE that lunch break, it usually recharges me and gets me through my day. sometimes he comes home earlier than 5 which is marvelous. he rides his bike to school in sun, rain, or snow or even with a boot on 1 foot. and since his 2 bikes were stolen last year, he bought the cheapest bike he could find that worked on craigslist, which turned out to be not a full sized adult bike, ha, he kinda looks massive on that bike. 

i think his feelings on school at this point are mixed. there's still lots of tests and quizzes at school which is taxing and difficult to go through multiple times every single darn week. but he also doing more hands-on actual dental work which is fun but also rough because at this point he feels inadequate. i know he'll be a great dentist in time, and it's just the learning process of learning a new skill. soon enough he'll be a champ at it.

the floor has to be swept about a thousand times a day and i've never vacuumed the carpet so much as i have now with a 1 year old.

i've been a cub scout leader for our church since we've moved here, which has been a great challenge. 9 year old boys are so strange, ha. it's a funny stage, but i've had fun planning activities for them. just last month i was called to be the 2nd counselor in the primary presidency (the children's organization) in our ward which has been so fun. i work with all the cute, funny, innocent, sweet kids in  our church, i also work along side some really stellar women i love. it is for sure going to be a fun ride. 

casey serves as the elder's quorum president in our ward and does such a wonderful job magnifying his calling. i don't think i ever understood that meaning until i watch him in this calling. it's awe-inspiring to watch what the priesthood does for families.

maxson eats so much food. he fully lives the law of consecration when it comes to food, actually he just wants you to live it. if you're eating food he practically demands that you share it, ha. he rules the roost for sure.

we've decided maxson has a really high pain tolerance. when you think he's going to flip out after slightly getting hurt he never does. when you think he's going to flip out after getting seriously hurt, he makes a sad face and cried for 5 seconds and is back for more action. yay for a tough child.

dishes are a never ending plague. one day children will help, right?

we get together with friends on the street pretty often, so lucky to be surrounded by quality people everywhere.

i should add pictures but i'm just lucky to get this posted!!!

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