Friday, February 21, 2014

picturas de iFono

a. bringing the snow into play. after 1 minute he looked at me in confusion and started crying hard…i think his hands were cold, ha
b. playing in the snow outside!
c. our week of freezingness
d. beginning to climb, and as of this morning he can crawl up onto the couch himself.
 photo Feb212014_zpsab73e541.jpg
a. don't let spatulas fall to the bottom of your dishwasher. they will melt and your house will reek
b. we went to the mall to let the kids play on the little play place they have, all maxson wanted to do was play on the cars you have to pay quarters for to make move
c. tub time
d. lunch n play with friends
 photo Feb2120141_zps21aca6d3.jpg
a. casey's birthday! at firehouse for his free sub
b. we went to the children's museum with a friend and maxson was in love with it all. if it had a steering wheel, you could bet your bum he wanted to be in that seat
c. mini ambulance
d. block building
 photo Feb2120142_zps82bd1f3e.jpg
a. he lounged on this chair on the stage for a good 15 minutes
b. our children's museum buddies
c. mesmerized by the marble contraption
d. how we spent valentine's (because i was questionable that day). feet up, socks on, olympics watching. so romantic ;)
 photo Feb2120143_zpsb4ca0d57.jpg
a. the day after valentines i felt much better and we made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast
b. casey's first patient! we were both a little nervous, but casey did marvelous.
c. & d. maxson played with our cute neighbors while i was at my long 4 hour dentist appointment with casey
 photo Feb2120144_zps7a075355.jpg
a. - d. it was CRAZY warm 1 day this week, it was utterly amazing, 60 degrees!!!!! we went to the park with friends and had a blast. i can't believe how independent maxson has become on the playground in a few months time, he is definitely a toddler.
 photo Feb2120145_zpsacf4ced6.jpg
a. - d. more park. side note: on our way to the park there was a news guy interviewing people on the trail, he asked me what i thought of the oddly warm weather (which i freaking loved). and that night i was on the news, i'm practically famous you guys.
 photo Feb2120146_zps0008251d.jpg

and you guys, al i have left is december in the 2013 photo album, woot woot!

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