Saturday, July 23, 2011

hi. we're back and ready to blog.

a big a hello to one and all!
we have been busy up the wazoo this past little while!

posts to come:
birthday celebrations.
pool lovin.
our trip to NYC/PA/DC
goodwill outlet loving.
and other random events.

but first things first:

fact: i close-lined a kid with a big rail we hang clothes on yesterday at work.
it was dreadful/embarrassing/funny all at the same time.

fact: i locked my keys in the ignition yesterday (car not on) at a horrible time in our day
it was dreadful/embarrassing/funny all at the same time.
{annalise- the police came and unlcoked the car for FREE!}

fact: i am incredibly hungry right now  but will continue to blog for the sake of posterity knowing that DID do lots of fun things before i turned all mom and stuff

fact: it's 8:30 am, i'm sitting in my bed next to casey and he woke up and gave me the evil eye for waking him up on his day of sleep. beyond funny beedy eyes and judging face

and bc a post is complete without pictures on my blog it so seems like:


Annalise said...

WHAT? FREE? So lucky.

Brittany said...

Haha, that's hilarious that you close lined a kid, but only if he wasn't injured. ;) Your blog is so fun, it makes me laugh!

Cherri said...

You'll always do fun stuff even after turning all MOM like....just like ME!