Thursday, July 28, 2011

back east part 3

on sunday were able to go throughout pennsylvania visiting casey's mission!
he served in the harrisburg, PA mission, which sadly now, was dissolved into the other missions.

yeah, sad.

but although that mission doesn't exist any longer, missionary work is still going on there,
and the people who lived there when casey was there are still there too.
so, we did what all good missionaries do when they go back,
visit their favorite families!

the last two nights we spent the night with the shiners in scranton, PA
yes office fans, scranton, PA
they are the kindest most genuine people ever.
i understand why casey always talks about them.
they are just so nice, and let me tell you, they love all missionaries who walk through that door!
we also went to the scranton ward and saw all the great people casey served there.
the bottom left picture is one of their missionary tables, they take pictures of everyone and put it on their table.

we then went down to lewisburg and visited all these wonderful families!
we had the yummiest breakfast with the clarks (top left) and wonderful time talking with them.
doesn't top right look like captain moroni!!

every person we saw could not stop raving about how much they loved casey.
it was really fun to hear all their stories.
their words were so kind and it was so sweet of everyone to tell me
it was the funnest thing!

we spent sunday night at the novitzke's with their cute kids.
it was a lot of fun with that cute family.
and the story about the hershey's bars:
everyday they melted, every night casey re-froze them, and the process restarted.

to sum up the day: 
all these mission people were so sweet to let us in the doors,
let us stay the night,
and eat a little bit of their food too!
the words i heard the most: he was our favorite missionary!
it was all such a fun nice day :) 

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Cherri said...

How neat Kimber... what a priceless experience for you! None of your sister in laws will probably ever get that experience for a VERY long time!