Monday, July 25, 2011

birthday events

birthday events:

a few select presents.
free denny's breakfast.
goodwill outlet shopping (which will be discussed another day)
yummy cinnamon rolls
mini cupcakes courtesy of casey which overflowed everywhere
(thanks SO much for the pan mom!)
watching the show friends for a long while
free texas roadhouse appetizer and rolls.
free sundae at applebee's
quick trip into old navy to use our groupon
drive-in movie to see cars 2
free pazookie at BJ's
free dessert at buffalo wild wings
in prolonged celebration we also went to IHOP for a free breakfast
and baskin robbin's for a free scoop!

it was truly a wonderful birthday and i'm so glad i spent all day with casey!

ps- i looked at this and this website to see where free birthday stuff was!
the 2nd stuff has a lot of AZ only ones along with tons of national ones.

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Megan said...

HB to the funnest girl in the world:)