Thursday, December 16, 2010

last day

today is the last day we have to deal with this

and tonight we'll be on a plane toward this

to go to this for a week

this has probably been out most stressful week of finals in our lives.
i don't know what we've eaten all week.
maybe pizza, cup of noodles, lots of junky food, cereal...that's about it.
we're ready to be fed again.
little to no sleep all week
work shifts til 2:30 in the morning.
worked 7 days straight at the library.
tons of laundry that needed to be done before the cruise.
head aches from studying too much.
but enough of this crying fest.

we're surviving.
we both have 1 final left.
neither of us have packed for this 8 day cruise of ours, but guess what?
it doesn't matter!
tonight, no matter what is or isn't accomplished,
that plane is leaving to ft. lauderdale and we'll be on it!

merry christmas!!!!!


Nik and Dawna said...

wow! That looks awesome! Have fun and I can't wait for the update with loads of pictures!!!

Tori said...

kimber!!!!!! how are you? it sounds like you're donig pretty well, and that you will be even better when school is done. i hear ya! have so much fun on your cruise! i'm jealous :)

curtis and jacque dana said...

that looks like our house this week with the same meal plan!): Jealous of your cruise, have a blast!!!

Sarah said...

you guys are so intense. but a cruise?! that's so sweet. i'd say you definitely deserve it after working in the library til 2:30 in the morning. booo.

Cody and Camille said...

You know it! Super excited to see you!!!

Sarah said...

so jealous you get to go somewhere BEAUTIFUL! plus when did you take those pictures on top of your blog. soooo pretty i love them!

Cherri said...

Hope you are not seasick on that beautiful ship!