Saturday, December 4, 2010

divine comedy

divine comedy is just that: comedy that is divine!
it's a group of byu students who get together to make clean, hilarious comedy skits/show
in their words " Divine Comedy provides a gentle satirical look at student life at BYU and LDS culture in general. Also, we do other silly stuff that we think is funny. Your mileage may vary."
last night casey and i got to go to their show again and laughed our bums off.
they never disappoint. never.
once the show was over we looked at each other and both said our chest hurt so much bc we laughed so hard for such a long time!
the line was ridiculous long to get in (tickets are always sold out within 2-3 once they go on sale) but somehow we still got really good seats which provided us about a thousand glow sticks, candy, and close-up funniness :)

here's a sneak peak at what you're missing if you've never seen one of their shows


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Nicole said...

oh my gosh how funny was their best of show?! i was literally dying the entire time. i don't understand how they are SO FUNNY all the time.