Sunday, December 5, 2010

freshman girls

fact: byu freshman year = awesome
fact: i love all those girls with all my heart
fact: we have lots of fun together
fact: we had lots of fun together this last week (of the ones who got to come:)
we have a little tradition that every time we get together we go around the circle catching up on everyone's lives. there never ceases to be exciting things going on.
we also talk about hilarious memories from freshman year...oh the memories we have :)
 i can't believe so many of these cute girls are going on missions! i think 8 from our floor alone!
i'll miss them all so much but i know they're all going to be incredible.
so jealous of you girls!

we'll be setting up another one of these in january,
hope we can see the rest of you cute girls!


Sarah said...

love these. oh the memories....the joy. good times good times. thanks for putting these together.

Jenna Masters said...

please say the one in january is still on!! i cant wait to see you all :)