Sunday, December 12, 2010

the final touch

Our Christmas decorations are now complete!
Facts about our tree this year:
-it will only be up 1 week for us to see/enjoy...sad.
-it is fake...sad, i know, but it was a wedding gift last year and still works wonderfully
-our "star" on top is a compilation of star ornaments we had
-ornaments are from my childhood and we hope that next year we can get casey's too!

i really do wish christmas season lasted longer, 2 months would suit me perfectly :)


Shane and Clara said...

i like your 2nd tree pictures of just the lights! I need to figure out how to get that pic.

and the elf's....I believe Aunt Amy was the maker behind them...we had them growing up too. Now they have a book out with a little red elf called the Elf on the Shelf! So cute and such a FUN FUN super FUN tradition!!!! Your future kiddos would love it!

Shane and Clara said...

or I'm sure Casey would love it in the mean time!!! :) You two are just 2 cutesums, young at heart!! But remember not to touch the ELF!

Cherri said...


Rob and Kam said...

Aw Cute!!!!