Wednesday, July 27, 2016

swimming and bahama bucks

We only got to go to Bahama Bucks twice, BUT those two times were so delicious! The first time we went was with the whole AZ family after bowling one night. My children of course were crying and screaming during half of it because they didn't have their OWN cup. See Bryson? Insisting he hold Casey's cup. Max was screaming during some of it. Quinn probably was. Ugh, sometimes I wonder why we do fun things because during half of it it's NOT fun, blergh. 

Blue tongues! Love blue raspberry!
Our main Arizona love was SWIMMING!!!!!!! We were seriously out there for about 2 hours everyday. The babies did SOOOOOO great. These little puddle jumpers are so great, it allowed them to have their own fun, independent swimming experience the whole time. Bryson was a great floater and kicker, Quinn whined a little more but really they were so great. Maxson on the other hand, sigh. He did SO great the first 2 days we swam together. And then did really bad one day, and then refused to swim for days on end. We learned he had a really bad ear infection, poor guy, luckily we didn't push him much when he said he didn't want to swim. He did really good another day, and then really awful some other days. When I say really awful I mean he refused to take off the floatie and swim but he'd still get in the pool and swim. When he did try to swim he could swim like all the way across the pool by himself, silly boy, blah. We'll get there someday.

2nd bahama bucks trip! Savage young families with no shirts.
Casey FINALLY got his free punch on this visit so he got the biggest size possible, ha. savage.

Wish we had more swimming pictures, but with all our little kids and no water proof camera it was just a little difficult!

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