Saturday, July 16, 2016

About this baby!

So baby number #4 is making his grand debut Dec 20 this year!

Much earlier than ever planned but welcomed nonetheless.

We're already a circus, what's one more?!

I finally figured it out at 6 weeks that we were pregnant, just a little before graduation and went in to the doctor as soon as possible. They like to see you at 9 weeks but I really had no clue how far along I was exactly so I ended up in there at 8 to make sure it was only 1 baby. I may have died if it was 2 again. At both the 8 and 12 week ultrasound I asked them to look around a little further to double check it was only 1, ha. At 12 weeks it was very obvious it was a little boy in there, I was expecting it, ha, we will have a fun, busy, ravenous household with 4 boys in 4 years (not planned people! twins sure put a wrench in your plans! 4 kids at 26?! I'm an idiot/crazy not brave or amazing).

Obvious boy at 12 weeks, you see?

I am 17 weeks right now, nearly 18 by the time this gets posted. I was sick for about 3-4 weeks, after the first week I was like "I cannot survive motherhood like this laying on the couch feeling crappy all day, medicine come my way!" Called my doctor and a prescription was sent in before I even went in to go see her , love that wonderful doctor of mine (Terra Papik!) Diclegis for the win my friends, diclegis. (This pic is 17 weeks but  trust me I am bigger than it appears, strangers ask me if I'm pregnant all the time this week)

Other than that I'm just tired. But honestly, I was tired before I was pregnant too, that's kind of just my life.

Maxson understands there's a baby in my tummy and asks me about it every once in awhile. The twins are OBSESSED with other people's babies so I'm sure they'll love when they get their own.

We're stumped on boy names. Advice wanted.

So ready or not, Cutler party of 6 is coming your way!


AN Petersen said...

Congrats again!! You will do great! Apparently this little boy saw how much fun your other boys were having without him and didn't want to miss out. : )

That is how I feel about my house, already a circus so what does it matter if there is another monkey added to the mix. Haha.

And yes, medicine is amazing, no reason to suffer!

Cherri said...