Thursday, July 28, 2016

randoms of AZ

Caged in like monkeys when we left on a date.
Some seriously GREAT helpers peeling sweet potatoes for me!
A little visit to In-N-Out, yay! So delicious
Except it's a little less delicious when you're trying to force children to ear just 1 quarter of a plain burger and then they just end up harassing all the other customers around you.

Helped my mom with a balloon job one morning.
People complain about how hot Arizona is. No. No, Arizona is not nearly as unbearably hot as the midwest! Humidity is a KILLER! The dry heat was such a great break from the humidity and was so much more bearable for me to be in! We went to the park one morning and could last longer than in Nebraska because it wasn't intensely humid! But then again, it's where I grew up, it's the type of weather I have memories so I'm partial to it.
Bryson and Quinn (and even Maxson sometimes) were OBSESSED with Goldie! She's one of our new little nieces that happened to be staying at my parents house while we were so the the twins LOVED all the baby time they could get around her.

Poor Max and his ear infection, this is the first he's had that's been painful.
Some of the grandkids with Granny and Papa at night after some little fireworks
A little firework show on the driveway for 4th of July, complete with otter pops!
Happy 4th of July!
more firework fun.
Our 4th of July dinner was delish with so many great sides and recipes thanks to Mels Kitchen Cafe!
More baby love! This is our new little nephew, Calvin, Logan and Blair's little boy. Snuggling with your own nieces and nephews is the closest you get to snuggling a child of your own with all the love you have,
I was so proud of Max going to Primary all by himself to a new ward. he just walked in, sat in the front row and let us leave so easily! Man when this boy is good, he is good, I love him so much. He did so great during sacrament too, not the same can be said of the babies...we had to take them home after the 2nd hour to take a nap.
Baby Goldie! Don't trust this face she loved me. This is Kirk and Whitney's first baby girl. Seriously so cute and (at least in person) she looks so much like my brother Kirk, it's hilarious.
Splash Pad fun with Blair and her girls!

Luckily we went together because Blair's car stopped working on our way out! So we squoze her 4 kids into our back row while she sat in the trunk area to take them to their house, haha, Yay for so much room in mini vans!

Max was stoked to finally get some of his own shooter guns from my birthday night.
Love me some sleeping children in the backseat.
And lastly, we got to bet there for Annalen's baptism! It was unfortunate that my parents were on a church history trip but we were so happy we got to be there with them and for her! Max has seen a baptism before but now that the event is connected to someone he knows and loves he talks about it and connects events and all that important stuff, I'm so happy we got to stay for her! Although my twins were AWFUL during the blessing and other waling parts, ugh. I didn't even get to hear Annalee's blessing after she had been baptized!

(It seems like all my brothers are only working on producing girls...where I'm the only one producing boys!)

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Cherri said...

Fun! Loved having all of you... missing the baptism was the worst.