Friday, July 29, 2016

A quick stop in Wyoming

We spent a longer time in AZ than normal because we wanted to do so many activities on our POGO pass before it expired, and swim a lot, and stay for Annalen's baptism. So when we got back to Wyoming it was just a quick stay for Casey to interview at a bunch of places before we had to be back for a doctor's appt for myself. But even the short time we had there was great. The weather was BEAUTIFUL!

I loved this little scene of Grammie and Bryson.
We took a walk one evening down to the river to throw rocks in the river, look for birds, and play in dirt. It was seriously such a wonderful evening on that windy walk.

Blessed Quinn was a dreamy sleeper one morning, bless that child! Whereas naughty Bryson woke up at 3 am, wouldn't stop crying, so he slept in my bed with me and then at 5:30 feel off the bed onto Max who was on the ground, which meant the rest of us were awake form then on!
The result of Max waking up so early.
The day back from our long long trip= restocking the fridge. Our children are very unhelpful shoppers as you can see.

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