Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kimber's 26th birthday

I'm not one to make my birthday a big deal, sometimes fun things happen, the past 3 years we always seem to be driving on my birthday, but once you're a mom birthdays aren't a "directly pass go" card anymore, you're still a mom, bums need to be wiped, food needs to be made, and messes need to be cleaned up.

BUT this year was finally different and was so fun and wonderful! We were at Cody and Camille's house in Arizona following our family reunion. 

To start the morning Camille and I went to Kneaders for breakfast, hello delicious french toast! As dumb as it sounds it was such a fun hour to spend with Camille talking to her with no interruptions. She's such a great sister in law to me. I also got a free pastry!

Camille then took her kids a long with our little family to Mesquite groves aquatic center in Chandler. It was a public pool attached to a school but a way cooler than normal one, it really was super fun! With big slides, toddler slides, a lazy river, big zero entry area, a fun play structure, it was lots of fun. I did apparently check their times wrong online though, M-Th they open at 10 but on Fridays it's at 11. Well it was Friday and we showed up at 10:15 ha. Luckily there was lots of shade and no humidity and kids can make creative games so it wasn't that bad.

We stayed until about 12:30, it was SOOOOO crowded by then, and within 2 minutes all 3 of our kids were asleep. Oh how I love pool outings.

That night Camille lined up 2 babysitters for our 6 kids and we went out on the town!

First Olive Garden, a Cutler favorite, always. 

We tried doing a quick game of bowling at Fat Cat's but found they didn't accept POGO passes on Friday nights, darn.

But just a couple doors down was the sweet tooth fairy where I got a free cookie!

Then off to an escape room! Have you been to one? None of us had so we were very slow and needed lots of hints, ha. They lock you in a room and theres a bunch of puzzles you have to try and figure out to unlock locks on drawers to get more clues. It was really fun :) We somehow finished with about 5 minutes to spare, ha.

At this point I was so tired and could have easily called it quits. But luckily there were 3 party animals in my midst who were like "more! more!" So we went back to fat cat's and each did $10 worth of arcade games. Mostly the boys just loved it an had a blast but it us girls joined in on a few too. Some miraculous way Casey and I beat this on game and got a ton of tickets and were able to get 2 little nerf guns for our boys, they were so happy the next day, ha.

After that! (See how this night keeps going?!?!) we drove over to the soda shop, same complex, there I got a free drink! (really casey got a free drink because I don't really like soda, ha). 

We had such a great time laughing with them, it was the best birthday in a long time. 

Thank you Casey, Camille, and Cody! It feels great to be 26!

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