Monday, September 17, 2012

entertaining the chillins.

to pass a little of time with the children...

we played in the rain one morning
(rain in AZ=special occasion)
we went bowling after dinner.

went to the santan splash pad with megan, tristan, and evolett.
they're time was spent lying on the water spouts, squatting over the water spouts, or keeping their feet over the water spouts.
whenever my SIL, whitney, came over the girls always begged her to color with them.
phoebe always wanted to help you make food, real cute.
she'd see you doing something in the kitchen and say "can i help you?"
and the cookie monster fest continues...
annalee had her first dance class while i was there.
we took some pictures and phoebe, of course, wanted to be in the pictures too.
so we took some of just phoebe, some together, and some of just annalee.
she then followed with an emotional break down when annalee left for dance class and she couldn't...
so we watched dance class videos on youtube for 20 minutes :)
and the family all came over for dinner.
there's  a good handful of people missing, but it was still so fun.

other fun activities:
making hopscotch numbers and taping them to the ground in the kitchen to play.
painting in ziploc bags.
painting nails.
going to the park.
running through the sprinklers.
ice skating in the kitchen (aka cleaning the floor).

don't believe i'm always fun.
with being pregnant, waking up much earlier than usual, and constantly on the go with these girls,
i most definitely needed my down time.
one time phoebe and i played house, i was the baby laying on the couch, she the mommy.
she kept telling me to cry, so while i layed on the couch, with my eyes closed, i fake baby cried and then would ask for something "feed me, i want a blanket, put me to sleep, i need a pacifier, etc) it was a great 20 minute break :)

i was amazed how many times a cup spilt full of liquid, ha.
they always felt bad for doing it.
on the last day i was there and another cup was spilt (which nearly killed my iphone) i was about to get frustrated and then thought "oh man, this is truly funny how often it happens"

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Blair said...

I love it. I'm so glad you posted all of this. Funny though, when you told me you and girls were going to go "bowling" I thought you were actually going to use the toys bowling balls and pins that we have. Because we actually do have a set. I never thought to use plastic water bottles. Thank you again a MILLION times for being there for me for my girls. I can't express what it means to me.