Saturday, September 15, 2012

back to the corn

i am back.
pretending to be a mommy has ended and i am back in nebrasaka with my wonderful husband.
the past 2 weeks were really a great experience.
those girls were a lot of fun (and a lot of work:)
when i said good bye to them before i left for the airport tears sprang to my eyes.
i felt like i was just leaving these innocent little girls to fend for themselves.
sending them off to face the lions.
their mom wasn't back yet, i shouldn't be leaving them!
as i hugged them i looked into their eyes i saw them looking for trust in my eyes.
it was heartwrenching, i didn't want to leave them.
they told me they loved me and i them.
and then i watched them walk away prepared with a backpack of snacks and pullups.
it was terrible.
i'm happy i was there to help for so long and happier that hopefully they'll get their mommy back soon and back to a more normal life.

coming back to casey in nebrasaka was beyond wonderful though.
i missed him so much.
running into his arms and squeezing each other was just the best.
it was that type of reunion when you're smiling so much it's impossible to kiss.
i'm glad i get to have him be other half in parenting.
i am so happy to be back with him.

i edited some photos while on the plane and will post more of my time in arizona!

ps- it HAS turned into fall here! i walked out of the airport and immediately thought "it's so cold!" fall season means the last few months to prep before baby boy arrives!!!!!!

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Cherri said...

Thank you Kimber for being there for these sweet little girls and for making Logan's burden a little lighter and Blair's concern a little less.... and thank you to Casey for letting her serve... :)