Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a shower

my super sweet SIL, megan, and my mom put together a slightly last minute shower for me.
it was seriously so fun to get to see a bunch of friends.
and they were all of course so surprised to see me with a pregnant belly.
it just felt so special having so many people who i really care about and love in my life here to celebrate with me and my baby.
sadly, there were pretty much no pictures taken with friends :(
here's some of the pictures that my cousin, danielle, took for me.

a few notes:
balloons make a party a party, am i right?
annalee helped me open the sweet gifts.
my aunt handmade a beautiful blanket and sent it all the way.
mini cupcakes are bomb.
a friend made a bahama bucks onesie and bib for me, how awesome?
fruit pizza is just the best.

i truly loved seeing all my friends.
that was the best part.
it was so crazy fun to open up all these cute little baby clothes that i got to keep!
mostly i've just looked at the cute stuff but not gotten to take it home so this was so exciting!

thank you to all those who came, you were so sweet!!!!!!


Nicole said...

you are just the cutest and i wish so badly that i could celebrate baby cutler with you! i miss you!

Christian, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Im so glad you got a shower!! YAY, can't wait to meet your little guy:)