Monday, June 5, 2017

Easton at 5 months

Easton at 5 months

-Definitely the earliest boy to sit! Right before 5 months he was like "mom, I got this".
-He loves mama. love love loves.
-We started some table foods right around 5m months with him, he's just so eager to eat! Always lunging forward at cups, plates, bowls, and spoons, so I just did it!
-Set up a crib in his own room, sleeps much better for naps. Had him cry a little more in the night since he was waking up every 3 hours or less! Got him through shaking off that first night time feeding, I need to just push through and get him completely off the next feeding too. It really does only take a couple nights, white noise in our room so we don't hear him and we can do anything!
-Everything in his mouth these days, really is loving the baby toys lately
-Loves the exersaucer, he can't get enough of it playing with all those toys
-He really loves Max, gets big big smiles when Max plays with him. The twins, a little less. He tenses up when they try to squeeze and hug and love him because they're just so rough!
-He's doing a new happy yell scream to just talk and make noise, it's adorable.
-Still taking him on all our dates because of nursing
-Rolling everywhere
-Hardcore inching forward with his little legs and bum in the air. When he wants something he goes after it!
-Staying asleep in his carseat when transferring him from the car to the house has decreased to an intensely low success level. If I can, I'll leave him in the car while we keep doing our thing (like leave him in the car with the door open while we play in the front yard or work in the garage right around him, also we live in Wyoming where it's gorgeous weather right now.)
-He sleeps like 10-6ish. He definitely has room to elongate his night time sleep, but 4th kid, we're not fighting it

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Jessie and Austin said...

Easton sounds so sweet - I love how you always describe him.

Life is weird without you here. Come back <3