Thursday, June 22, 2017

An update on the Cutler crew. (Easton 6 months)

Maxson is super adorbs. He is 4 1/2. An awesome helper with Easton, always making Easton laugh, soothing him when he cries, carrying him places when he feels Easton is begin forgotten (up the stairs, cue head shake). He's always telling Easton he's such a cute baby and playing with him, I love their interaction. He loves the game memory, definitely his favorite right now, and he legitimately beats me like every time. He's been at swimming recently. All the month of May we practiced swimming with the boys at the rec center and then in June swim lessons started. What a dramatic improvement. He can get from point A to B to problem swimming under water. He needs to work on bigger arms and to keep kicking his legs while he tries to take a breath! He pretty much refused and still does refuse to do any back exercises with me but will do them just fantastically for his teachers. He's all things sports and fun and courage. Soccer was his jam and he absolutely rocked it. Top scorer on his team and never stopped running after the ball and being aggressive. He has a "writing" book I got him (Preschool workbook that's nearly 400 pages, awesome!) and he loves to do it. His word articulation is improving. He is willing to practice a little more with me and not get so intensely frustrated and I'm proud of him. His biggest stumbling blocks are th, l, s, and r. R is the only one he kind of truly can't say well yet, the other sounds he can do when he slows the word down and thinks about it, he just doesn't when talking normally ha. He never takes naps anymore, just a movie in the afternoon. He's a very goal and end result oriented little boy. The follow through on doing something you told him is very important. He loves picture lists and marking everything off and going through all the steps. He loves to look at the calendar to see what day it is and what is coming up in our events. He can be so tenderhearted to his brothers at times. He has an innate protective personality and is so very friendly with the twins, playing with them, teaching them, being "on their team", it's really sweet to watch them. I love him to death and tell him all the time how much I love him and how proud I am of him, because I really really am.

Bryson is hilarious. I feel like he is the one who starts the giggle fests with his brothers and can start the other 2 laughing in an instant. His peeing his pants plague is finally coming to a close I think. He went through a good month long or more phase of just continual peeing his pants when we were at home but is finally getting over it. Mark my words, Bryson is going to be my ultra mole-y child. Like Scott status I bet. He was born with the one just under his right eye and now at 2 1/2 years old has at least 5 I have noticed, poor thing. Bryson especially often comes and squeezes in the rocking chair with me while I nurse Easton. Bryson is the child who sleeps in the longest by 10-30 min. It's interesting, they're all in the same room but they don't wake each other up when they wake up. When Bryson gets super excited he jumps up and down on two feet like teenage girls do at boy band concerts, he has so much excitement for life at times.

Quinn is obsessed with milk. Like super obsessed and gets super mad if you try putting it in a cup. I know there are worse things but I'm still not a fan of it. Quinn is awesome at his strider bike. He cruises on that thing like no ones business. He has declared the pink one to be his. I would say Quinn is more of the emotional one of the two. He probably gets put in time out more for excessive crying, ha. He does this funny thing where he sticks out his bottom jaw, elongates his face as much as possible and with a frowny face talks to you, so funny. Quinn has this darling way of questioning new things, his nose and eyes get all scrunchy as he asks all these questions so unsure of it all, so so cute. Quinn especially loves to tell people "I'm not happy with you!" when he's mad about something or someone. It's adorable. That's what I say to them when I'm super upset so it's cute that he uses it too and I know he means it when he says it but things he says it about is just funny and cute and small.

Together the twins are in the WHY phase. Like I hear why probably close to 1000 times a day, I really think I'm serious. You can count on them saying why over a certain subject at least 4 times until they are satisfied. They are both obsessed with their "nuh-nights", they're stuffed animals they go to bed with. They are obsessed with shoes, and all my friends know it. They makes a mess of Casey and my shoes all day everyday, so stinking annoying but adorable too. Grammy's house, friends house, anytime they can get their hands on adult shoes to wear they're stoked. I should take them each individually to a shoe store, ha. They are definitely clingy. Not fans of new places for sure and cling to my legs and beg and cry for me if i try to leave them. Still continually want me to hold them asking me to sit on the couch. They both maul Easton at various points in the day, they just love him but try to put their arm around him while he's on his tummy on the ground, ha. We're working on colors with them both and they're finally getting it consistently! So proud of them!

Easton is just the sweetest angel baby. Of course he cries and gets upset at times when he's more hungry than what i gave him or bored or tired but so often I'll be in the kitchen and after 20 minutes think "where's the baby!" no big deal, just scooting his way around watching everyone happy as can be. He finds so much entertainment in hose big brothers. When they're not around he does a lot more squawking for attention, ha. At 6 months old he can get from A to B just about whenever he wants. Just stick his bum in the air, pulls his feet up and then pushes off them. He's so darn adorable. Eating more solids food whenever I have time to remember. Loves chomping on veggies straws. Loves his pinkie, is a pretty great sleeper, 3-4 naps a day depending if he's in his car seat or not being lugged around all day, ha. Pretty great sleeper at night, often sleeps from 8-5, nurses once more and then goes back to sleep for an hour to hour and a half. We've had him cry it out a few times to get past the midnight and 3 am feeding. He never just did it naturally so much so sometime after 5months we did and am so happy that we did. Is always super happy and adorable in the mornings; batting at our faces, making all sorts of adorable sounds, and just being overall the best thing to wake up to. Everyone loves Easton oh so much! He's also super obsessed with me. I personally would say he gets the biggest smiles for me when someone else is holding him and he finally gets eye contact with me, ha.

20 lb 90 something %ile
28 in 90 something %ile

Casey is doing great at work, continually improving and enjoying what he does. I love when he comes home with stories of the day. He's such a hard worked for our family, I admire him so much. He so very diligent at getting things done right away. A return in the mail? Boom he's at UPS. Insurance stuff? Boom he calls that second. Something on the house or cars or toys needs fixing. Boom it's done. Just today, he came home at lunch and mowed the lawn in his work clothes because it needed to be done, ha. I love spending time with him. Sometimes I still can't believe he's mine! And that my best friends says I'm his best friend too! Sounds corny, but it's the simplicity of knowing each other is the top human in their life, ha. He has softball once a week which he loves. Playing with a rough crowd of Wyoming high school friends but he does fabulous. He serves in the Elders quorum presidency and is so diligent at always going to everything he 's needed to be at. He always keeps our supply of night time cereal stocked and will always share the crappy but delicious foo the buys with me and never complains that I don't buy them for him, I just eat his stash. He's so loyal and helpful to his family members, I love it.

As for myself. The children and house seem to be my life and what consumes me all day everyday. The house is always a disaster and I feel like I'm always telling the kids "ok, let's clean up!" but it just get so messy so fast! I love making new and delicious dinners for the family but summer has consumed me with having fun outside and going places so that's kind of been put on the back burner. I try to take the kids to as many fun things I can in the summer as possible. Because our summers are short lived you've gotta go crazy when they come! Lakes, splash pads, pools, slip n slides, parks with friends, walks, it's a go go go kind of summer life! I've always wanted to be a "fun young mom" one with energy to play with their kids and be apart of the fun. So when we got to the lake I get in and play games (not as much as Casey, but I'm still like the only mom out there!), the slip n slide, I'm practically the only mom going down, ha, but I also have to be apart of all this fun stuff or my timid twins wouldn't do it at all. My children bring me so much joy, I LOVE their cuddles, I love the quiet moments I get with each of them. I love when I have the patience to be patient and explain them about life and disappointments and the earth around them and relationships and education I love watching them learn! I love being a mom. It's tough work but an overall awesome gig with the cutest kids ever. Beyond motherhood I've made some awesome friends here in Rock Springs, ones I can really connect with and relate to and get advice from. We're constantly texting to go do stuff together and date nights, it's nice to have your group. And I also organized a salad swap with friends. There's a total of 10 of us and it's the best ever. I get a fresh salad everyday for lunch from a friend but just make 10 for my friends on Monday and deliver them! I actually make an additional 5 to get extra salads for Casey too, ha.

I love this life of mine, these kids, that husband. It's far from perfect but it's wonderful and beautiful. There are times when we stand in a circle put our hands in and yell "1, 2, 3, go Cutlers!" it's a great time of life.

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Cherri said...

And you are not even wearing rose-colored-glasses. So blessed to SEE the blessings. All stages have these great times.... just different. So glad you are breathing in deeply of THIS one. XOXOXO