Thursday, June 8, 2017

The start of swim lessons

We've put our kids in their first official swim lessons. BOOM. Max 4 1/2, twins 2 1/2 (i keep kind of telling the twins they're 3 because you're supposed to be 3 for swim lessons, sue me/guilty wide eyes look). They're all in the same class for 30 minutes.

For the past month we get a pass to the rec center and took the kids swimming twice a week to get them acclimated to the water and having fun with us. Max was hesitant at first with us but by the end of the 4 weeks, was swimming on his own for like 10 seconds under the water with arms, kicking, and taking breaths, he's a rock star. The dumb rec center made us keep floaties on the twins at all times because they're stupid like that (some dumb rule about non swimmers out numbering adults, that was only the first of our complaints). They were a little slower to feel totally free in the water, especially without their floaties, not fans of putting their faces in the water but still had lots of fun kicking splashing and jumping in.

So come the first day of swim lessons, we'd been talking to them about it for weeks, everyone is very excited. Everyone gets in the pool and is super happy and excited. The twins are yelling "hi mommy and daddy!" proud to be showing off they're in swim lessons and then after about 7 minutes, THE TEARS. Mommy and daddy is all they wanted. They wanted out NOW. Bryson had to pee now (never peed) came back and then he had to poop no (never ended up pooping either) tears and more tears from the twins. Quinn stopped crying after about 10 minutes when he was doing an excercies with the teacher and realized he CAN blow bubbles and get the ring in the water! A big smile came across his face and he totally changed and was happy to do all the drills with her! But then they got out of the pool and it was back to tears when they had to jump to the teacher. So overall I'd say the twins cried for about 20 of the 30 minutes, ha. I was definitely doubting my putting them in swim lessons earlier than the age requirement, ugh, but I also know that this is often what happens with first time swim lessons,

And then there's Max, just a total rock star. Doing everything they ask so happy, big smiles, looking for us to wave to all the time. He's also 2 years older than the twins, ha, but he just did so so good.

So at home we give them skittles for how well they did: Max 8 (I just chose a larger random number) and then with the twins I enumerated all the things they DID do during swim lessons. They reassured me that next time they weren't going to cry and they loved swim lessons.

FAST FORWARD to the next swim lesson. Lots of talking before hand prepping them with teachers names, how fun it will be, how brave they will be, and how awesome it will all be, and that if no one cries we get ICE CREAM. Swim lessons come and BOOM all 3 are rockstars! No tears! No whining for mom and dad. Eager for their turns. Willing to do more in the lessons than they have for mom and dad. I was just so intensely proud of them all! They cheered each other on, they were just so awesome! Each time the teacher would take them for their part Casey and I would watch with excitement and see how awesome they did when asked to do each drill, so amazed at the difference from the last lesson!

At the end they went to jump off the diving board. Max got up no problem and just jumped! Quinn go up with excitement and slowly walked forward, half way forward realizing "um, actually not so sure about this" but then the lifeguard helped him forward and gently put him in the pool he did it! And then Bryson, again eager as the others, walked forward and halfway across the diving board was like "uh uh, I am NOT doing this! And you could see his little legs trembling and the fear fully overcome him, ha. He turned around and they let him jump off the edge, he was very proud of himself and so was I:)

Once swimming lessons got over we had a Cutler huddle to tell them how awesome they did and they were quick to remind me "they get ice cream!!!!!!" So ice cream we went! (actually we did stop at Cafe rio since no one had eaten dinner yet, ha) But they were so excited for their ice cream and were all so cute eating it.

Man I love these kids of mine!

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