Sunday, April 30, 2017

4 months of Baby Easton

Man, we love this baby so much!

We like to call him easy Easton because so much of the time he is so darling and easy! Fast facts because let's face it, less time these days with 4 days!!!!

-Loves watching his brothers, they are the best entertainment for him. They love him so much, they're constantly helping Easton have toys, giving him kisses, trying to bring him to me, telling me when he's crying, they just adore him I love it. And Easton adores him!

-Max loves making Easton smile and Max gets totally different types of laughs and smiles from him, I love it.

-Easton is ALWAYS looking for me. It's darling how obsessed he is with me and hilarious. I like when my kids are obsessed with me in a cute way but not a whiney way, ha

-He's rolling back to tummy, loves his exersaucer

-A terrible sleeper from 3-7, oh man that boy! He just wants to eat every hour and stay by my side or be awake and be entertained.

-Like probably all babies, he just loves to fall asleep in your arms, he's just so dang adorable.

-he gets so offended when he's staring after me in hopes eating after a nap and i don't come to him right away, actually really cute, ha, but super offended

-he comes on all our date nights, he's our permanent 3rd wheel right now, ha. But he's so great to have around, just cuddly and sweet!

-I just can't get enough of him and want to eat him all the time

-he hangs out in his bumbo and exersaucer a ton and loves laying on the ground reaching for the sesame street hanging toy

-he's constantly putting his fist in his mouth, sometimes I'm just sure it's all the way in his mouth!

-great at taking a binkie and a bottle when he's not quite full off of breastmilk. Bless that wonderful baby!

-He's so ticklish and I love it

-at his 4 month appointment he weighed 16 lb 9 oz (77%ile), my largest 4 month old child so far! And 26.25 in (89%ile)

It really is at this point I wish he would stay a baby forever!

Pictures to come when I upload them :)


Cherri said...

Oh that boy.... just gotta love him.... wish I could reach through the screen!

Jessie and Austin said...