Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Back to school feast and maxsons first day of preschool

Max began preschool yesterday and was a boss. He was excited to go but definitely contained his excitement a lot, ha. He'd say mean things or not be helpful in the morning and I'd threaten him with not going to preschool and he'd shape up right away, haha. It's a gal in a neighboring ward who is so sweet. It's twice a week for 2 hours. So just a little enough to get both our tastebuds satisfied. THere's another little boy in our ward who's in preschool with Max which makes him pretty happy.
But! Before school started we had a little back to school feast as a family! We chose a family theme for the boys to work on this year and chose "Choose the Right." There are a lot of choices they make everyday and we want to teach them to make the right choice, and for Max that involves making the right choice when mom and dad aren't around be that preschool, church, or in the other room with his brothers. 

Maxson 3 1/2

Bryson 22 months

Quinn 22 months

Our menu was homemade mac n cheese, homemade rolls, corn on the cob, their own chocolate milk bottles, chicken nuggets (BBQ chicken for adults), and caesar salad. I thought this meal was super kid friendly but something special and would go over well with the kids...not so much, ha. I think each child ate all of one things and refused to touch the other items, oh well. Also it may have been due to their chocolate milk bottles which they guzzled. Funny enough, I put apples on on their plates as a little decoration but as soon as they sat down and listened to Casey and I talk about the special dinner and theme they just ate those a ton too, ha

We were lucky enough to have Karelee join us! Brad and Nan were out of town, Derek wasn't feeling well.

Karlee was a freaking ANGEL and helped me clean up the kitchen and all the dishes for what seemed like FOREVER. After a long clean up and putting the babies down super early due to terrible naps and terrible church day at 6:30 we dug into the crockpot triple chocolate lava cake with a side of ice cream and it was delicious


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