Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A little change to my sewing desk

A new and improved sewing desk! You can see the before picture at the bottom of this post. I suffered through it for 4 years, ha and then turned it pretty, yayyyyy.
(not) helpers

I didn't want to buy any supplies for this project (except the drawer knobs) so I just used what I had. Casey lightly sanded a lot of it for me, I did 3 coats of white (cheap) primer- the sister missionaries did one coat, my MIL did another coat, and I did the third coat. Then 2 very light coats of  white spray paint,taped it off and did 2 or 3 coats of gold spray paint.

I didn't have an exact knife for the lines so I had to do one corner by itself.

Don't trust a 3 year old to hold the boxes on tight to cover up the already spray painted side. your pray paint will unfortunately leak through just enough for you to notice it and have to do touch ups.

Before touch ups.

After touch up on the gold paint where I didn't secure the tape enough.

and then Maxson decided he needed to paint too, go for it buddy.

When we took a trip to Utah for a quick cousin lunch in the Logan area we stopped by Hobby Lobby (holy cow that store has a TON of cute things when you finally have a house you can decorate) to find knobs. I knew I wanted clear glass looking ones and lucky for us all the knobs were 50% off, praises.

Maybe my sewing won't be so quarterly any longer now that I have a cute desk to work on! Just need to work on a cute chair now...any thoughts?

Here is a before of the desk:
and the after!

Ps- my inspiration for this desk here

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Suzanne Anderson said...

I have been meaning to get on your blog for ages and check out what you guys have been up too, especially your house, and every time id go, i'd have to sign into my google account and could never remember my password... so today I finally got it all resolved and I just had to say: GO Kimber! This is super cute and I've loved catching up on your post. You are such a sweet talented mamma!