Friday, September 16, 2016

the dearest of friends

I had a little video chat with these gals this week and my heart hurt after talking to them and my heart was also so full of joy after talking to them. We all moved away from Nebraska this summer after graduation and I miss everyone so much. These girls along with so many others were such a wonderful, supportive, caring, and genuine group of friends. I know I've said it before but I don't know if I'll ever have such an incredible group of girlfriends in my life again. We were pretty much all going through school (our husbands that is), no one was making money pretty much, we all became moms for the first time together, we all had similar goals, none of us had family around, and like I said the genuine-ness (is that a word?) of these girls was unparalleled (I'm talking about ALL you Nebraska girls!). There was never a competitive spirit of any form, no need to impress each other with any type of material things, gatherings were always thrown together at the last minute but everyone came and supported, there was ALWAYS someone ready and willing to throw in a helping hand. I miss them and that atmosphere oh so much.

I've been trying while here in Wyoming, I have but it's just different. Everyone's in different stages of life, there's not as much in common with whole family situations, people are just busier. I know it will get better in time, but right now I just miss all my friends.


The Christophersons said...

It really isn't the same. Miss you and all those girls too.

Cherri said...

Tear drop

Aly said...

Just caught up on your blog...I miss you!! and your cutest family. The boys are so big! It really is not the same anywhere else, we had it so so good--I will treasure those nebraska times forever!