Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thing I don't want to forget my children are doing right now:

Maxson (3 1/2):

-Loves trying to catch lizards in the backyard, except he says "widuh" and no one except Casey and I can understand him.

-Always saying "I'm so big" "I'm such a big boy"

-Is a great helper when it comes to putting the dishes away

-Always wants his back tickled at night while you tell him a story

-Loves listening to Primary music and singing along. Maxson's enunciation is a little difficult to understand probably for a lot of people but as his parent I can tell he's saying pretty much all the words of the songs.

-Loves pointing out his "new friends!" we've made at church when they show up.

-Always asking to go to grammie and grandpa's house and talks about how it's his "favwit"

-likes to tell you things are his "favwit" suddenly

Bryson (22 months):

-loves to be held, he's always begging me to hold him when we go places. and then if I do hold him, Quinn goes crazy and apparently needs to be held too.

-calls his teddy bear his "nigh nigh"

-thrives on one on one attention, his giggle and scrunched up nose when he laughs is just the cutest

-Loves shoes. He's always putting on everyone's shoes and coming to show us

-He thinks it's hilarious to call our name so we'll look at him with his finger in his nose...goof ball

-he's the best sleeper. Never wakes up in the middle of the night, bless that child

Quinn (22 months):

-When grammie and grandpa enter his mind he comes up to you with big eyes saying "grammie, papa, house! grammie, papa, house! derrick! tay tay, karkar"

-will hold the water hose at people teasing to shoot it at you with the most evil and happy look at his eyes knowing he has all the power in his hands

-obssessed with "muht!" or milk. OBSESSED. milk and lawn mowers

-always wants to go outside to tell the birds to go away, sounds like "doh wahy burr! doh why!"

-once upon a time was our peacemaker...not going to lie now he's kinda the meanest, ha! Poor Bryson constantly gets bullied by lil Quinny

-His speech is flying. He connects multiple words all the time, it's incredible. He has a great memory of words I taught him a long time ago.

Love this little family of mine. We are in a really really fun hilarious cute adorable stage with our kids and also a really really awful exhausting screaming tiring intense stage with out kids. I know the whole "you're kids grow up fast" "blink and you'll miss this" "you'll miss this stage" "you'll want this back" and I'm trying my hardest to enjoy it, truly! But at other times I'm like "this is way too freaking hard, I need more breaks!!!!" ahhhhhh... this too shall pass, for good and for bad. I love my children, oh I do. I just wish there was less screaming and crying...

By the way on all these swimming pictures, the kids loved swimming in AZ. Bryson was our most fishy fish of the 3. SO awesome and independent with floaties. Maxson loved some of the day,s his bad ear infections put a damper on some of the days but truly he did love the water.

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