Monday, May 11, 2015

A delicious graduation

2 Super duper great friends in our ward graduated from Dental school last week and are/will be off to Wyoming to go be real practicing dentists! Crazy talk. We were finally in town for a graduation party bbq and it was so wonderful to be around so many friends. A family who graduated last year was even there t celebrate with us all which made it even better. Man we sure did win the jackpot when it comes to friends here in Nebrasksa!

Max looks awful in this picture but it's the only family one we got.

Casey is especially sad since these two guys are essentially his bff's. They're the graduating ones
ANNNNNND, remember this pregnant picture with friends we took at my baby shower last year?
Here we all are with our cute babies!!!!!! Fun, right?

Congratulations Christopherson and George families, we will miss you oh so dearly! Luckily we'll all live in the practically uninhabited state of Wyoming together someday so we'll for sure see each other even if we live hours away, chuckle chuckle.


Cherri said...

Sad departing's make for great reunions. :)

Alissa said...

ok, 1. What is that picture of me and my belly??? Didn't know you took that. Ha!
2. Look at your prego belly!! I know I was just complaining to you about how big I feel compartively to my weeks and others around me and you just graciously let me whine for a few moments. honey, you are a saint-carrying those precious babes around And then letting me complain about my one.