Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cereal: it's what's for dinner

On a comfortable evening last week we sat outside discussing what to have for dinner. As the idea of cereal was brought up we all just said ok and went with it. When we called over Max from the playground to tell him we were having cereal for breakfast his eyes got HUGE and excited not believing I said we'd be having cereal for dinner. He unbelieving questioned back "eee-re-ul?"and after my confirmation started running to the house happily yelling "cereal!" I felt like the best mom ever. Casey got the marshmallow matey's as a midnight snack for us the previous week but happily suited our 2 year old's excitement for dinner that night. Little to no dishes, happy kids, not stressed mom, a good looking husband to look across at, it was a good evening. Cereal was a great choice that evening. 

And to top off the fun event filled evening (read cereal for dinner), he and Casey ended up reading their night time books on the dresser to switch up things a bit, those silly boys.

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Cherri said...

Dad's 10 pm snack... often