Friday, October 9, 2009

the leaves have changed

here's the 2nd set of our engagements!
some of our favorites
It was so beautiful up in the provo canyon
red, orange, and yellow...

we had a blast taking pics with my brother weston (check out his beautiful blog!).
good old scott, megan, and meli were able to join and laugh with us too!

we're still loving engaged life,
things are coming along nicely and decicions are finally being finalled!
i don't think there'd be any progress on this whole thing without my mom
and my lovely SIL blair helping mommyo
they have seriously been making this planning work!
so thanks so much guys!


Anonymous said...

You two are great :)

Cherri said...

Can't wait to see you in person!... in white.

Nate and Brooke Carroll said...

Hi Casey! It's Nate and Brooke, we just wanted to say you guys are so cute and that we are so happy you are getting married soon! Take care!