Saturday, October 17, 2009


true love :)

haha, no but really guys it's true!
when i first got this card from some cousins of mine {Jim & Jan Long}
i thought "oh it's so cute! and so true!"

then later as casey and i were shopping around for an apartment,
we joked and laughed about how a ring is like a down payment...
in a marriage!

you need a down payment on a house to signify you're fully committed
and ready for the long haul

you need a ring to signify you are fully committed
and ready for the long haul

can i just tell you that we laughed at our little idea for quite awhile?
i know, we're dumb :)

it's the amusement in the small things that's the best eh?

haha, well here's some more of the small things we've been experiencing in october

conference with myself, casey, scotty, and megan

so fun having them with us, conference has so many great memories for casey and me :)

to buy or not to buy?
the latter won, haha, jeeze
he looked like a yellow marshmallow!
{a very cute yellow marshmallow though :)}

yet again, to buy or not to buy?
ok, but we were serious this time, haha
we really DID like these!

registering at target!
the very hard decision in deciding which pillow is best

homemade smiley pizzas!
we tried changing our ways, and opted out of the $5 pizza one night
and bought a pizza kit!
it seriously was so fun!
homemade (well, kinda) has its own yummy touch

we went to casey's mission reunion for good ol' harrisburg, pa
it was fun meeting everyone,
they couldn't have had better things to say about my casey!
i was so happy to be his new and final companion :)
these are our fun friends from his mission, kelly and tim

iLOVE polaroids


Emmy said...

i love those hats! I keep trying to find one i like over here. haven't been very successful so far! you guys look awesome in them!

Scottie and Megany said...

the marshmellow jacket looked good! haha you should've totally bought it!

Blair said...

You guys are so fun. Can't wait to be with you soon! Registering is kind of fun. You learn things about each other's likes and dislikes.